If you haven’t yet had your daily dose of memes, we’ve got you covered. Everyone knows that a solid meme intake is essential for your health and wellbeing, so let’s go.

Here are fifteen memes to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

15. Carry the load

Honey, PLEASE, I’m at WORK.

14. Superman that

I *just* now got this song out of my head, thanks a lot.

13. Warning signs

This looks like a job for some masking tape.

12. In on it

I know you’re joking but this is exactly how conspiratorial thinking functions.

11. Down on the ranch

The fetish all Midwesterners share.

10. Trump card

Who among us isn’t…

9. Table the discussion

Gotta know how to properly prioritize.

8. Pep in your step

I didn’t need to see this and I did need to see this, yanno?

7. What’s your Dean?

Bring this show back, you cowards. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

6. Scream queen

You gotta be kitten me with this.

5. Yap it up

They do indeed have a paranoid victim complex and an extremely exaggerated sense of self.

4. Getting in shape

Round is most definitely a shape.

3. Power plants

This problem is getting really overgrown.

2. Facing charges

Dammit, I really want this now.

1. The essential grid

Nice to see Joe Dirt memes making a comeback. Good on ya, Spade.

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