Open wide, it’s time for your daily dose of Twitter funny.

You’re a growing person, you need your vitamin T. Four out of five doctors recommend that I stop calling them and asking them about this, but trust me, looking at tweets is definitely the key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle.

Sit back and let these fifteen do your body some good.

14. Keep it goin

Of the mess you left when you went away…

13. Beyond me

Burgers of all kinds are welcome in my heart. Specifically, my arteries.

12. Big mistake

Don’t look at me don’t look at me don’t look at me…

11. Get ’em George

Inaccurate, my bedroom was nowhere near that nice.

10. Hurry up

We’re reaching levels of thirst that shouldn’t even be possible.

9. Role of a lifetime

It’s perfect, thanks.

8. Side eye

Poor guy just cannot catch a break.

7. Nada

[This page intentionally left blank.]

6. Move it move it

I feel so much less crazy, it’s great.

5. Don’t get testy

Looks like your fear might be justified.

4. Big brain time

Gotta split it up into three little words and sound it out.

3. Squid life

He had dreams once too, you know.

2. Wait for it

Who forgot to take me out of the freezer today?

1. Hidden subtext

A whole new incarnation of “this is fine.”

You’re probably already experiencing some of the health benefits of funny tweets. Ask you doctor if more of them are right for you!

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