A lot of us grew up watching things like Star Trek: The Next Generation, which portrayed a far off future world where people simply spoke to a computer and in return it answered questions in a human voice, or carried out commands.

Just a couple decades later and a lot of that tech is not only here, but actually affordable for many consumers. I really can set up a system in my home in which I can play any music or set the ambiance of the light around me, change the temperature of the room, activate security systems, communicate with anyone anywhere, and even query knowledge on any subject instantly with just my voice.

That is, when it’s all working right. The rest of the time, it’s less sci-fi utopia, and more chaotic hilarity.

Take this story via Tumblr for example…

Chapter 1: The Soundtrack

Chapter 2: Until The Screaming Began

Chapter 3: A Long List of Alphanumeric Gibberish

Chapter 4: “That Digital Clock”

Chapter 5: Lurking Silently

Chapter 6: ALEXA!

Chapter 7: Aa Greek Chorus of a Distraught Book Club

Chapter 8: A Sort of T-Pose

Chapter 9: Genuinely Incredible

Chapter 10: Comedic Misadventures

I think that probably one day, in the not-too-distant future, all of this smart home tech will have advanced to the point that it’s a lot more intuitive and better at understanding general human intent rather than relying on specific commands.

Until that day comes, we have WAP disasters. And it’s glorious.

Have you had a smart home mishap?

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