You ever been to Twitter? It’s this crazy new place on the internet where everybody writes tiny little things and then just sends them out to nobody in particular and when you see them you have to decide whether to laugh at them or fight them.

Nobody knows why it was invented but we do all understand now that those are the rules.

Here are thirteen Twitter things that are funny, so you probably won’t want to fight them.

13. The name game

By then we’ll all barely be able to speak because of the great vowel shortage.

12. Cheesy movies

Damn it now I really want mozzarella sticks.

11. The deal of the art

It’s gonna be real bad you guys, you don’t even know.

10. Plug and play

USB really is the way of the future.

9. No bones about it

I will not make further bone jokes. I will not. I refuse.

8. The spice of life

[Arms of An Angel intensifies]

7. It’s dangerous

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride…

6. Tricky traits

Cool, I’d like to stay all the way away from you.

5. The OG

I need to know if this worked. I NEED to know if this worked.

4. Back up

I frequently reply only in my head and it’s probably why I don’t have friends.

3. Oops

Please let us know what you said so we can all do the opposite.

2. Chonky bee

What else is there to say? It’s a chonky bee.

1. Sleep tight

Why does this kitten look like a movie puppet?

Nothing like a good laugh. Or a bad one. All laughs are fine, really.

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