Look, I’m not gonna lie to you. This is just a list of memes. No more, no less. I have no big selling points outside of the memes themselves.

And I don’t need any. Because they’re great. Now look at them.

15. Boaty McBoatface

I sea what you did there.

14. Get the picture

Imagine trying to steal a computer back when they were the size of a room.

13. Everything’s fine

He should be wearing a mask, though. For safety.

12. Eggs, bacon, and toast!

“Have this while I make us a meal.”

11. A bunch of bull

That is one cool way to die.

10. Control the situation

If this happened to me I’d throw away my whole keyboard.

9. Birds of a feather

One’s just a little more metal than the other, that’s all.

8. Make the call

I tried to explain dial-up internet the other day and lost my mind.

7. Third time’s the charm

This is so incredibly stupid I love it.

6. Going to the vet

You’ve unlocked the cat’s true terrible potential now.

5. Pretty dense

Lol like we’re gonna make it to 2055.

4. Shower power

It’s never going to be as cool as you anticipated.

3. June doom

Psh, just a face of death in the sky? What else ya got?

2. Folksy

The fifth category here is me trying to be more gender inclusive in my language use but feeling weirdly like a cowboy in the process.

1. Tail ends

The theme music is now playing in your head.

See? What did I tell you. Just memes. Just wonderful memes. You’re welcome.

What’s your go-to place to find new memes?

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