When people talk about raising the bar, they might be talking about increasingly difficulty through a sports metaphor, or they might just literally be talking about the go**mn bar exam.

It is a notoriously tough test that varies by state and area which law students have to take to basically become officially licensed lawyers.

If you think you’ve had a hard time cramming for a test, you don’t know nothing compared to the pressures of the bar.

Just listen to these folks tell you from their own experience.

10. “So happy I cried.”

It’s time to get out there and celebrate!

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9. “I don’t know what scares me more.”

It’ll all be alright, just keep moving.

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8. “Smile and cheer them on.”

“Unfortunately, I am the victim.”

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7. “I feel so worthless.”

Try as you might, it is in fact brutal.

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6. “My boyfriend told me…”

He is either horribly unsupportive or trying very unsuccessfully to manage your expectations.

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5. “However…”

I object to myself, your honor.

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4. “I fought the odds.”

Now I’d got “I fought the law and the law won” stuck in my head.

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3. “That’s saying a lot!”

You’ve come this far, just a little (or a lot) further!

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2. “I flunked.”

That has gotta feel like a pretty low point.

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1. “A way bigger deal.”

With this ring I thee wed…

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To any law students out there, keep your chin up! Oh and try not to be evil once you’re actually a lawyer.

Have you had experiences like this? What were they like?

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