One day, Twitter user @grain_death was minding their own business when suddenly, a text alert popped up on their phone.

It wasn’t from any number they recognized, and it was a picture. Already something to feel a little nervous about. I mean, you don’t very well want to get an unsolicited pic – unless maybe it’s a cute frog creature.

Which, in this case, it was.

Some stranger who has yet to be identified has carried on sending pictures of toads for no discernible reason and frankly, it’s glorious.

Chapter 1: The Start

“True,” they say, as though they’re some kind of expert.

Chapter 2: Mystery Toad Giver

You need to appreciate the little things in life.

Chapter 4: Music to My Ears

And it even comes with fun facts!

Chapter 5: True Identities

Some things are better left to the imagination.

Chapter 6: The American Way

I hope his name is Jeremiah.

Chapter 7: See Ya Round

That boi is a circle.

Chapter 8: The Feets

What lies beneath?

Sign me up!

Many instantly wanted to join in on the fun.


Others simply sat in reverence at what they had found.


It truly was a year with frog and toad.

Good day

The inevitable and perfect comment.

If this brought you joy, remember to be the toad text person in someone else’s life. Spread the weird love wherever you can.

What subject could you text someone about forever?

Tell us in the comments.