I’m a straight guy who’s never cheated on a girlfriend. I’m not saying that because I expect a cookie for it or something, I’m saying so to establish a baseline for where I’m coming from.

While I’ve never cheated, I can understand how people get there. I can see how and why men and women alike can make that mistake, even knowing how hurtful it is.

But what I have a lot harder of a time understanding is doing that while your partner is literally carrying your child.

That’s like…some next level stuff. Which is probably why these stories were submitted anonymously.

10. “Every opportunity I get.”

Cool cool, you need to stay away from her forever now.

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9. “With her mother!”

Are you just trying to win some weird competition about being the worst?

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8. Gaslighting

That’s what that is, plain and simple.

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7. “No idea how to fix this.”

You sent her a clear signal that you weren’t going to be there. She has to decide things accordingly now.

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6. “Now that she knows…”

The logistics of this are fascinating.

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5. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

I’m not sure that particular lighthearted cliche is super appropriate to your situation, sir.

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4. “In the same house.”

I guess you must have been super quiet about it.

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3. “I just found out…”

You need to take a break from everything.

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2. “This stuff just happens.”

No dude. You have control over whether it happens. It’s not a rainstorm.

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1. “6 other women.”

Surprised it took that many.

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Well, I’m gonna need some time to retrieve my eyebrows from the back of my scalp.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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