There have been countless religious traditions which have their assertions about what happens when we die.

Some say paradise awaits you, or torment, or a cosmic waiting room – maybe you’ll be reborn as another person, or as an animal.

Or maybe, the First Church of Gamerism is the true path forward, and THIS is what will happen:

You die and the first thing you see in the afterlife are three buttons: "Next level", "Spectate" and "Restart". Which one do you press and why? from AskReddit

The “spectate” option certainly seems intriguing. Let’s see what the people of Reddit who would go that route had to say:

1. Another life.


I would love to be able to see in depth how other people live their lives because it’s essentially living another life as you can follow anyone around as much as you want while not actually having to go through the negative aspects of said life.

– jman857

2. Highs and lows.

So spectate is obviously the answer.. that sh*t could be so interesting I could watch the rise and fall of empires, as well as seeing that kid poop his pants while up for bat again

– u-ignorant-slut

3. Do I have an exit strategy?

If I can go back to the menu at anytime, spectate: lots of questions I want answers to before moving on.

– UltimateAnswer42

4. I’m done.

Spectate. I don’t want to do this sh*t again, but I am curious how things turn out.

– beckynolife

5. Cool for a while.

So I’m a ghost? Yeah that’s fine.

Most spectate modes let you choose another option as well. Games would suck if spectate was permanent.

– panspal

6. Time out.

Spectate. I need a f*cking break.

– dangercookie614

7. Pushing the limits.

“Spectate” is a very interesting option. Given these devs’ skills with visual presentation but inconsistencies with overall player experience, I’m not sure I’d be able to go back and change any settings once I pick this option.

However, it’d be very interesting to see if physical limits still applied, because theoretically I could go out-of-bounds and see if there are any easter eggs I missed in other unexplored areas of the game. Given just how detailed and varied they made the world that a player can explore, there’s got to be more they left out of the main story.

– maleorderbride

8. Plain and simple.

I’m gonna spectate cuz I’m f*cking tired

– captaingrowler

9. Freedom!

Spectate might be a cool choice if you can go anywhere or any when that you want.

– just-why_

10. Always learning.

Spectate. I have no interest in restarting, but I have a lot to learn

– Gosenco

11. Bring it on!

Spectate, I get all the dirty details with none of the repercussions

– Princessrichard2023

12. Let’s get wild.

Spectate. I want to see what the wild animals are up to.

Perhaps try to Communicate with people Somehow(you know this world Glitches a lot after all)

– Hufflepp

13. Giving up.


I failed at everything in my life, and I don’t deserve to move forward, nor do I want to re-live making mistakes

– [user deleted]

14. Memories…

If I were to lose all my memory […] I would probably spectate. I would love to see how the rest of this shit show plays out. I wonder how my friends and family would remember me, what memories of me they would share with each other. It’d be fun to watch them all have a laugh about the good times they shared with me.

I’d laugh along with them even though they wouldn’t know I was there.

– KosherNate

15. What a rip-off.

No new game+? I want to keep my gear and experience.

– CoverMeWithPorkins

Who’s to say there’s not a bunch of dead gamers spectating you reading this RIGHT NOW?

Which option would you choose, and why?

Tell us in the comments.