There’s something really fun to me about the art of roast jokes. And if you’ve spent any time studying them or trying to write them, you’ll start to realize that there are a lot of simple tricks involved.

Often times it’s not about finding the perfect joke specifically for that person, but about cleverly plugging some detail about that person into an existing formula and creating the ILLUSION that you’ve just crafted something hyper-customized.

Other times, though, people really do think outside the box. And when roastees get exactly what they ask for? Well, they might just live to regret it. Or laugh hysterically.

11. Faces of messed

You look like one of the characters who lasts less than an episode on Breaking Bad.

10. Not a fan

You interrupted your daily kitchen floor cry for THIS?

9. Getting ahead

Why does this guy look like regretful Mike Rowe?

8. Creamy and disturbing

I’m thinking of follow-up jokes right now but they’re all grossing me out too much.

7. So loud

When even the bronies are screening your calls.

6. Have a seat

Is that your kitchen or the dungeon of a Hobby Lobby?

5. Mission accomplished

It’s like if Avril Lavigne took a horse tranquilizer.

4. Feeling nervous

I dunno man, seems like you’ve still got a LOT of nerve to be rocking that peat moss mustache.

3. Nature is scary

It’s like if Mr. Robot were actually about a malfunctioning robot.

2. Unroastable

This guy’s resume is just “nah” scrawled on a rolling paper.

1. Sassy

I got nothin’ for this, good luck out there.

Well, that was fun. Hopefully for all of us?

What’s the best roast you’ve seen lately?

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