Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. That’s just the scenario that this particular Reddit user wanted to scare people with.

You find out you have 1 hour to live, what do you do with your last hour on earth? from AskReddit

And MAN does that question immediately get you thinking. Here are a few responses – and they vary by kind of a lot.

1. Shoot the s**t

Hope it’s not this hour, got a real bad case of the sh**s so I’d probably spend it where I am now

– rentahobbit

2. Feast

I have allergies.

will eat everything I had to stop eating because of them.

– shortinha

3. Sleep

Sh**, its almost 3am here. Probably go to bed.

– NotMyF**kingPr0blem

4. Create a mystery

Take a couple thousand dollars out of the bank.

Die with that money clutched in my hand and surrounded by cryptic messages with allusions toward a much greater hidden treasure.

– remembernottopost

5. Get ready

Make sure my wife knows how to collect my life insurance policy.

– ProbablyaDrugDealer

6. Quit

Call my boss and tell him to take that job and shove it.

– hartsquare

7. Look it up

Check Reddit on how to get more time

– Molasses9682

8. Catch up

Call that guy back to discuss my car’s warranty.

– The_Infectious_Lerp

9. Aww

Tell my wife I love her very much

– UnconstrictedEmu

10. Channel surf

Scroll Netflix or Hulu until I find something to watch while I wait it out.

– bitterherpes

11. The ritual

rub one more out, tell people i love them, stare at the moon.


– coryinhous

12. Get that clout

Have a beer and post on facebook—“if this post doesn’t get 5,000 likes in the next hour I will die.”

– Talkaze

13. Being lucky

Spend it telling my husband how much I love him and how happy he’s made me.

I would mean every word, I’m a lucky woman.

– Satanfan

14. Make the leap

In like 7th or 8th grade they asked us to write an essay on what we’d do if we knew we would die in exactly 24 hours. I put down some smart-a** s**t like, “Well since I’m not dying till midnight tomorrow, I’m basically immortal. So I’d skydive without a parachute.”

But I also said I’d come into the school at midnight when it’s empty and burn it so all the other kids can have a few days/weeks off school.

I got suspended for that which I maintain to this day is bulls**t.

– Caleb_Reynolds

15. Hold on tight

Grab my son and husband in an embrace and tell them for 60 straight minutes every single thing I love about both of them. Take pictures with them. Record videos with them. Record videos for them for future events in their lives I will miss.

My mom died when I was 25 and these are all the things I wish we could have done. She hated getting her picture taken or being on video so now I can barely remember what she looked or sounded like and that is such a painful reminder whenever I think about her and only have a vague idea of her anymore.

– kellysouthpaw

16. This is not a drill

I lived in Maui during the “Ballistic Missile Inbound this is not a drill” event.

We had 15 minutes.

I was frantic trying to find out if it was true.

Then the resolve I was gonna die hit. I went outside smoked a cigarette and looked out at the ocean.

I called none of my 6 kids. Nobody picks up anyway and I didn’t want it to look like I favored one over the other. I reviewed my life and I was good.

Luckily it was a mistake. But I’ll never forget that feeling.

– itsrainingkids

17. Cute

Shoot my girlfriend a cute lil text then leave my phone and go chill with my parents

– Diet_Burg3r

18. Face the music

Eat something unhealthy, be around my family, and just lay there with music waiting for it to happen.

– skype_thoughts

19. Donkey!

Watch the first hour of Shrek

– Unicorn_puke

20. Where there’s a will…

Tell my wife where my will is and hug her. I wrote it when the pandemic started, but never told her in order to save her from freaking out.

Hug my kids.

Tell my mother “Thank you for everything” again.

Sit and relax, hoping that there is at least something true about the afterlife and I’ll be able to see all the loved ones who are already gone.

– richterbg

21. Protect the legacy

Deleting online accounts & praying.

– Mansen_Hwr

22. D**k around

Spray paint giant florescent penises everywhere

– LtTickled**k

23. Nailed it

Nail my wife and then watch the last 55 mins of “The Departed”

– Ahydell5966

24. Hop to it

Fight a ghost…I mean, in an hour I would be able to.

– Duyduy12

25. My true self

The law requires me to say “spend time with my family,” but I will probably die the way I lived: micro-optimizing conveyor belts in Satisfactory

– GameCounter

26. Duck time

I think I’d roll a joint and drive to the nearest park with a pond.

Maybe feed the ducks idk

– eric_theferret

27. Keep on giving

Use my money to prearrange birthday gifts for as long as I can afford for my family members and friends, then die happy and broke af.

– BARDaniel48

28. Tick tock

Probably tell the people I love that I love them, hug my cat and fall asleep as it is how I would like to die 🤷🏻‍♂️

Not much you can do in an hour besides that

– HLover1143

29. It can wait

Procrastinate probably

– hzzzm

30. Slow down time itself

planks for 1 hour. it’ll last for 10 years

– BreadBoi2121

Personally, I think the duck guy has the right idea.

But what would you do?

Describe your scenario in the comments.