As Dr. House famously taught us, “everybody lies.”

He was able to turn that not-quite-epiphany alongside a fictitiously brilliant medical mind into big bucks and huge clout.

But what about those of us who failed chemistry or whatever? How might we spin lies into cash? Maybe through a scenario like this?

Every time someone lies to you, $100 gets deposited to your bank account. What is the fastest way for you to get rich? from AskReddit

Let’s get creative with the people of Reddit.

1. Psychics.

Walk down the alley of fortune tellers and future psychics.

I’m interested in two things: if they lie, I get $100 rather quickly; if they are telling the truth, then I found something game changing.

– crispybaconsalad

2. The DMV.

Go to work.

I work at my local DMV office and people can and will lie about everything.

– mommy876

3. Cut people in.

just say “tell me a lie and I’ll give you 10 bucks, no questions asked. Doesn’t even matter the lie, just tell me a lie.”

It would be a great YouTube video too.

– Nroke1

4. Rekindle a flame.

Get back together with my ex.

I figure in one month alone I’ll be a multimillionaire, sky’s the limit.


5. The pharmacy.

Go to work.

I’m a pharmacist, people lie to me (and themselves) all day, every day.

I wouldn’t have to keep working for long.

– thatmedicinegirl

6. Have kids.

I have small children.

Did you hit your brother? Did you break that? Have you brushed your teeth?

2 kids, both lying to each question, I’ll be able to hire a nanny and go sit on a private island within a week

– BaymaxIsMyPatronusv

7. Pretend to have kids.

Show people a picture of an ugly baby and claim that’s your kid.

Everyone says a baby is cute, even when they look like a gremlin that was fed after midnight.

– ChefChopNSlice

8. Enlist!

Go talk to a Marine Corps recruiter.

I mean, that was the old way….now we can just watch anything political on the major new channels

– avidtraveler81

9. Fairytale solutions.

Build a Pinocchio

– Geronimoguy

10. Start a business.

Become a freelance reporter and offer to interview multiple politicians. Or if you just wanna exploit it.

Instead of making it your main income you could just advertise that you’re literally the only reliable and scientifically proven lie detector. That way you can just set open a thing displaying your deposits and ask anyone anything and if is a lie you’ll get a deposit, otherwise you know it’s the truth.

You could literally earn like 50k a day interviewing suspected spies and political prisoners.

– FreenBurgler

11. At church.

Go to a church and start asking people, “How much and what kind of p*rn do you watch?”

– genericname692

12. Have kids.

My kids lie to me dozens of times a day.

I could probably top that, but as it is I literally would pull in about $60k a month.

Not rich per se but definitely richer than anyone I know.

– Painting_Agency

13. Get the vax facts.

Go to an Antivaxxer Facebook page or website and ask them why they think vaccines are bad

If there’s enough Karens, I’ll be swimming in gold after an hour of typing.

– BLizardLeLizard

14. Tools of the trade.

Attend a huge trade show and listen to every sales pitch.

– EmEmAndEye

15. Recursive thinking.

Post “Can you tell me a 1 lie about yourself?” on r/askreddit

– PoinDexter90

And remember, as Dr. House would say, “It’s not lupus.”

Do you have another creative answer to this question?

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