I’ve been thinking a lot about life and death lately – specifically how much time I likely have left with certain family members, and what to do with that knowledge.

I haven’t yet come to any huge realizations, but this scenario definitely sparked my interest:

You find out you have 1 hour to live, what do you do with your last hour on earth? from AskReddit

So, what would Reddit do with its last hour on earth? Predictably, the answers are all over the place.

1. The usual

Hang out on my couch with all my pets i guess. The usual

– induceddaftfan

2. Panic

Panic for an hour then die

– Grape_Jamz

3. Look it up

Google “one hour to live scam or legit?”

– emptyhigh

4. Enjoy the view

Load the kids into the car, drive out to my parents’ place, give them all hugs and kisses, grab one of their whiskey bottles, walk out back to the lake, sit on the pier, and spend the last 10-15 minutes drinking and enjoying the view.

– AZNDavyJones

5. Smile

Smile as my last hour will be spent doing absolutely nothing with my life

Like the other 28 years

– Styx1992

6. Cheers

An hour huh? That’s enough time for a drink

– Qfn4g02016

7. Drop ’em

Well I sure as h**l won’t be spending it wearing pants.

– trabbaro

8. Just vibes

Say goodbye to friends and family, make a quick will, then just vibe with them.

– eklp22

9. Honestly?

If it’s natural causes I’d go to the hospital so they can harvest my organs fresh and I’d call my family on the way to say goodbye unless the 1 hour is a huge asteroid or something globally cataclysmic I’d try to get a good view.

– [user deleted]

10. Facetime

Assuming I’m at home when I find out…Facetime my family and tell them I love them and talk about the good times we’ve had and tell them that they’ve made my life amazing.

Text my friends and let them know how much they mean to me and thank them for their friendship.

Hug my dogs and give them scratches.

Sit on my balcony with my girl in my arms, dogs beside me, and let death take me.

– adirtymedic

11. Go full Cage

steal the Declaration of Independence.

– UnseemlyRoutine418

12. Hugs

Hug all my immediate family.

Make videos to send to all the people I love.

I just lost someone and I’d kill for more voicemails and videos of them to replay when I miss them.

I don’t wanna forget how they looked or sounded.

– Crimtot

13. Pupper time

Snuggle with my dog.

– waterbottlejesus

14. Just drive

Get in my car and drive as long as I can and as fast as I can.

I’m talking 5 star wanted level; I want to make national news.

And right before my timer goes off, I want to drive straight off a cliff and put on the most spectacular car crash anyone’s ever seen.

– StaySharpp

15. Find your peace

Tell nobody, grab my earbuds, and find somewhere nice outside to sit and draw in my sketchbook until I’m done.

– IaniteThePirate

16. Leave a message

Record messages to my daughters for all of their major events in their life they haven’t gotten to yet, graduations, weddings, births, that I won’t get a chance to be there for.

I would tell them how proud of them I am, and how they need to always look out for they mom.

I would tell my wife I love her, and my dogs they are the best boys/girls.

– An_aussie_in_ct

17. Trip out

Eat a handful of shrooms, hug and kiss the kids and family and go away from this place tripping to the next dimension.

– PurpNuggies84

18. Play the odds

Drive to my former best friend’s house, tell her I’m sorry for the s**t I said to her.

En route, call my closest friend, say bye, love him.

Then spend the rest of the time on the phone with my parents while driving. Get my apology out, tell her I love her, then die.

Maybe throw in a ,”I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, and that he died for all of my sins.” just to be safe.

– pyro264

19. The last memory

The woman I love is about a half hour away right now. I would drive to her and order a drink to share with her. I would remind her that she is my everything, my world, and that I’ll always be there for her, even when I’m not around.

I’d kiss her gently, listen to that little laugh she always does when I tell her something sweet, and let my life end with her as my last memory.

– bstyledevi

20. But really…

I have four young daughters.

I also have a 5 million dollar life insurance policy. I would talk to them and tell them I am really sorry I won’t be there for the rest of their lives but that I love them very much and I hope they will be taken care of without me being there.

That was a little too honest for me to write out and is making me emotional

– ProbablyaDrugDealer

21. Yours and mine

Ill just play minecraft until i die

– Dill_PickleOG

22. Combust

Get really high, with my parents and wish them a final good by.

Before I Spontaneously human combust

– FrandIV

23. Never too late

Learn to play the piano

– DoctorStephenPoop

24. Love you, mom

I’m spending time with my Mother. Last year she got diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. She stopped chemo last week.

Her case of PC is very aggressive and they don’t expect her to stick around very long.

I feel super blessed to be able to make some memories with her today, as so many haven’t been able to similar with their loved ones in this last year.

– Mythradites

25. JOSH!

Rewatch the josh fight

– Purplepickle16

26. Skip it

If I knew there was an hour left , I could die of shock!

This is likely to happen

– zeryab_zsns

27. My Chemical Romance

Say goodbye to my fiancée, grab a few Arizona green teas from the corner store, then drive to my favorite place and smoke cigarettes and drink the teas in my car while blasting my music.

Try to time MCR’s “Helena” so the last words I ever hear are “So long, and Goodnight”

– Anakin_Skywanker

28. Light ’em up

Turn my phone to record and tell the story of my life in one hour.

I will also be smoking some weed like everyone else

– UnderGrownGreenRoad

29. Think of the kitty

Pet my cat, and tell her that she can eat me when I’m gone

– texasradioandthebigb

30. Beat the system

Drink 5 hour energy

– 244643gamer

I think that last guy is really onto something.

But what about you? What would you do with one hour left on the clock?

Let us know in the comments.