Ever wanted to be a superhero? Maybe. But have you ever wanted to be a super villain? Almost definitely.

But that’s not easy, you know. It takes time. It takes training. It takes big ideas like the ones proposed in this thread on Reddit.

You are now a professor at Supervillain University. What course do you teach? from AskReddit

Get ready to steeple your fingers academically. It’s time to get evil. here are just a few things we could educate each other on.

1. Differences

I’d teach 99 different ways to say “You and I are not that different” to the heroes

– mubbidubbi

2. Laughing

Maniacal Laughter for Beginners

– Youwillfindit

3. Advanced Laughing

A lot of guys ignore the laugh. And that’s about standards.

If you’re going to get into the Evil League of Evil, you gotta have a memorable laugh.

You think Bad Horse didn’t work on his whinny? His horrible . . .death. . .whinny?

– optiongeek

4. Framing

How to frame the heroes in tax fraud

The IRS will do the rest of the work

– An_Atheist_God

5. Mad Science

Mad science 101

You’re not a mad scientist without a diploma without it you’re just an irritable lab assistant

– TheCanadianRedHood

6. Hands

Advanced Hands 201: Finger Arches, Dramatic Pointing, and Sweeping Gestures

– A40

7. Cats

Grooming your lap cat.

– Moot_Points

8. Finance

Evil Empire Finance – Make your money work for you.

– PermanentNirvana

9. Buttons

Self destruct buttons.

– Afternoon_Cactus

10. Monologues

I would teach “Long-winded plan divulging monologues that allow the heroes time to stop the villain at the last second 101”

– daithisfw

11. Guest lecturers

I would invite Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz for guest lectures

– Afternoon_Cactus

12. Public speaking

Evil public speaking 101.

Learn how to elegantly communicate evil plans to the world and conduct ransom demands.

While practicing in a safe supportive environment.

– Rout1ne

13. Crafting

Leather crafting.

Create a custom holster, vest, or eye patch.

– Moot_Points

14. Branding

“How to rebrand with a tragic backstory.”

– PolyhumanoidDisaster

15. Acting

The Fine Art of Looking Innocent

– Midas_Artflower

16. Betrayal

Betrayal Class: Become “friends” with your enemy, and stab them in the back, literally.

– Ok-Letterhead4530

17. Alternative Monologuing

Yeah you could do a class on evil monologuing…

But alternatively there should be a class on how to resist the urge to monologue and just kill the hero before he has a chance to escape

– Loose_Low_616

18. Lasers

Shark laser installation 101

– Boredguy32

19. Pettiness

The Subtle Art of F**kery.

A study in petty.

– natcares

20. ADVANCED Monologuing

How to not run your mouth 101.

Day 1 – stop talking about how you are going to kill the hero.
Day 2 – once caught, stop talking to the hero and just kill him.
Day 3 – Exam – go prove that you have listened, and actually kill the hero.

– DLIPBCrashDavis

21. Engineering

Engineering Supervillianry 101: Over-engineered devices and incredibly complex ways to kill the hero.

Extra credit if the hero is able to use the device against itself and get free.

– LiveShowOneNightOnly

22. Minions

Introductory gen ed course, I teach minions to seize and ultimately fail when their boss yells “seize them!”

– aftermine1

23. Plotting

Plotting the downfall of your nemesis 101.

– zenyl

24. Criminology

White Collar Crime.

Jesus Christ, you people just bring attention to yourself. You have capital, just steal from the vanishing lower middle class like all the actually successful crooks do.

Bonus Points: There’s almost no risk of actually going to prison or getting punched in the face by weirdos in spandex.

– stickyWithWhiskey

25. Escaping

How to escape in style.

– SuperSailorZ

26. Law

Law – how to be a villain and be 100% legal.

– alkatori

27. Sales

Salesmanship and Subversion: the COBRA method

– CowboyFleeborg

28. Ethics

Law, morals and how to use them against the heroes.

– theayla

29. Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion: how to make people hate each other and feel good doing it.

– Mike-The-Pike

30. Manipulation

Manipulation beginners course. The entire class is just me writing down “people are stupid. Spreading misinformation is easy. You don’t need to take over the tri state area by force.”

– nzgberg

If I do say so myself, mwahahahahaha.

What class would  you teach?

Tell us in the comments.