I recently had the chance to stay at a ridiculously high-end place for a week or so, and man, it was an experience.

The people who lived there clearly had a lot of money, and the house was extravagantly beautiful and very large. But, I noticed, the things IN the house were pretty sensible. Everything was nice, of course, but I’d say the most extra thing there was a simple piano. It wasn’t the kind of environment that made you wonder what would compel someone to spend money on such things.

These posts, on the other hand? THESE are extra. THESE go above and beyond.

After @lexilafleur kicked it off, many others had stuff to contribute. Let’s get rich.

10. The Bag Dress – $3,220

When you want to feel like you just stepped out of the shower but are still somehow in the shower.

9. The Space Blanket – $325

It’s like futuristic garbage!

8. Sterling Silver Greenhouse – $275,000

By New York apartment standards, that’s not a bad deal.

7. Plane Bag – $39,000

Ironically, it’s not allowed on as carry on.

6. The Crystal Wand – $23

Seems like a bargain until you remember it does literally nothing.

5. The Not – Pants – $25?

What’s happening here?

4. Blinged Out Goggles – $925

“Please rob me.”

3. That Chair Again – Priceless

Be chairful with that.

2. Easter Island Ping-Pong Table – $4,000

Overpriced AND non-functional!

1. No Lens Glasses – $46

It’s glasses without the glasses!

Man. I’m way too poor, aren’t I?

What’s the biggest purchase you’ve made recently?

Tell us in the comments.