Stereotypes. They’re lazy. Especially the ones about certain groups being lazy. I guess those are actually…ironic, maybe?

In any case, almost everybody has some kind of stereotype they have to deal with at some point in their lives, and most people have a pet peeve.

What stereotype annoys you? from AskReddit

Here are some groups that would very much like you to start thinking of them in more nuance, please – via Reddit.

1. Colombians

That all the colombians can think about is drugs and coffee.


– Heyo_guys

2. Married Couples

Ball & Chain of marriage trope, and along the same line, the idiot dad trope.

Why can’t we normalize marriages that are happy with partners that each have their own flaws and strengths?

– Ender505

3. Autism

If you have autism you are either mentally challenged or have a special ability

– redpokemaster06

4. Black people

Black people liking fried chicken.


– smallz86

5. Germans

That Germans have no Humor.

The only problem is, that I always feel like telling people that this stereotype is annoying just confirms them in their stereotypes.

– anspitzerhino

6. Extroverts / Introverts

As an introvert, people think all extroverts are annoying attention seekers and all introverts have no friends and are shy

– Reddituserrdr2

7. Southerners

All Southern people are backwards, racist hillbillies.

– Garnetsareunderrated

8. Women

Not a kid person= cold-hearted monster. It’s pretty awful when women say it to other women.

Also, the whole “all women must be supportive of each other” narrative. There are people out there who just always want to climb higher than everybody else and will willingly destroy anyone they view as an obstacle. Gender is irrelevant.

– BroadViewRationalist

9. Expensive schools

the expensive schools are good schools, i live in colombia and i study in the best school of my town, the school is destroying himself

– juanitoelpro

10. Blondes

The blonde mean girl stereotype. Or dumb blonde. Or anything with blondes being lesser.

– Petalfrost

11. Programers

That being programmer means you’re good at everything related to computers (hacking, hardware, etc.).

H**l, even the different subcategories of programming are different. Being a game developer is very different from being a software developer or a web developer.

– KodeBenis

12. Alabamans

People from Alabama all know how to work on trucks, are as slow as molasses, and talk about “them new-fangled computers,” like it’s some foreign concept.

The last time I traveled out of Alabama to meet with family, I heard some people mocking me (both strangers and family) about my accent. It gets annoying real fast.

– OpenLocust

13. Wives

That women/wives are nags, the one thing they ask for help with, their partner just doesn’t do it and then god forbid she ask again for help with it.

– ASMRemma

14. Texans

Being from Texas, I hate those stereotypes.

I can’t tell you how many times I meet people who were so disappointed I didn’t have stories about riding my horse to work/school and living on a ranch.

I live in one of the biggest cities in the country, in the 21st century for crying out loud.

Why do so many seemingly intelligent people from around the country think it’s the Wild West here?

– CH11DW

15. Italians

That Italians are easily provoked to anger.

P**ses me off so f*&%@ much!

– coolidge_fan

Remember, everyone is different. We all suck in our own beautiful and unique ways.

What stereotype are you most sick of?

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