I’ve never been rich. Probably won’t ever be. And, yanno, that’s fine, as long as I can live a decent life I’m good.

But there are some people who, for a variety of reasons, would love to be PERCEIVED as rich, even if they don’t get any of the actual experiences that come along with it.

What screams "I’m poor but pretend I’m rich"? from AskReddit

How do we tell when this is happening? Reddit has some examples.

1. Showing off your cars

There is a security guard that works at a popular bar/club in my city. He managed to buy an old(er) Lambo recently.

On the weekends, he will drive by the bar several times before his shift as people are lined up outside revving his engine while at the stoplight. His new thing is pulling onto the sidewalk in front of the bar, parking it, getting out, saying hi to everyone he works with, waiting for people to walk by the car so he can let them know it’s his, and then leaving (again-revving the engine as loud as possible on the sidewalk).

He does this for about 2 hours before his shift starts at 11 or 12…..If you have money and can afford nice cars, you do not need to show them off.

– 2med_or_2bed

2. The special plate

A few years back, my dad brought home one of those fancier looking square plates. He then told my mom that he wanted all of his dinners served only on this plate.

We lived in a trailer park and always had cheap things for dinner but for some reason he felt like he was special enough to only use this plate and be the only one allowed to use it too.

At some point, she forgot and put his food on a different plate. He yelled at her, threw that food in the trash, and broke his special plate.

Dude is poor financially and poor in his treatment of his family so this is a pretty good answer to me.

– LiaLovesCookies

3. The social media grifts

Asking people on Facebook to get in on your Herbalife scheme

Bragging about how you’re going to get rich from crypto but you keep talking about a different “coin” every week

– garlic_naaaannn

4. Just braggin’

Bragging about wealth or high paying jobs.

Most of the rich people I’ve known in my life were actually quite quiet and secretive about their wealth.

– slider728

5. Flexing

Honestly, anyone that feels the need to openly display how “much” money they have.

By flexing designer clothes, talking about their income, showing off their car, etc.

It just screams insecurity.

Aside from maybe a few outliers, the only people who do this are poor or kids spending their parent’s money.

– ur_boy_skinny_penis

6. Putting everything on credit

I worked a min wage job for a long time and it was crazy to me how many of my co workers always had the newest iPhone, an expensive Starbucks drink twice a day, and obviously expensive clothes, hair, and makeup.

It just all went on credit.

However, it is ridiculously expensive to live where I am ($1 million for a 1000 square foot home built in the 1980’s level expensive) and I think the apathy over knowing they will never own a home no matter how hard they work and save leads people to simply buy what gives them that rush of dopamine and makes their day to day life more enjoyable.

Rent is also super expensive here, about $1500 a month for a 1 bedroom ~500 square foot place. It’s hard to blame people for spending the little bit of money they have left over at the end of the month on fun things rather than saving it.

– FromDwight

7. Making a persona

I have a high school friend who is a self proclaimed rapper.

We are in our late 30s.

He has LV and Burberry everything, and posts photos of his shoes, belts, sunglasses, and even face masks. He poses in front of his apartment that I know is not the best. He also has a go fund me for studio time. He has a few kids and I’m in touch with his first baby momma. She says his income reported to the court does not match his lifestyle.

I am hoping he has success in his career, for the kids’ sake.

– d0m1ng4

8. Flashing it

Blatant displays of trying hard ‘wealth’ in the form of ostentatious brand names, flashy accessories, etc.

A couple of genuinely rich people I know keep it very low key.

They have money in stuff like property, don’t flaunt their wealth in your face, and often look/dress like Joe Average from the suburbs.

– MisterMarcus

9. The Mountain William

My aunt was what we call a “Mountain William”. It’s a term for a hillbilly (which we are, to a degree) who has had a taste of the finer life and wants everyone to think they are rich and high society. I loved her to death, she was and is my favorite aunt. Sweetest most generous woman I might ever meet.

But her home had an air of… Falseness about it that shaped my view of people well into adulthood.

She loved “crystal”. Bowls, lamps, chandeliers in every room made of crystal or fake crystal. Baskets that were supposed to mimic wicker, but we’re woven with fake gold wire with crystals embedded aesthetically. She had fancy looking furniture, and it was probably expensive, but the fact that her massage chair was probably the most expensive thing in her whole house just enhanced that fake richness of the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, her home was beautiful and as a kid, I was so afraid to touch anything because it looked so nice. But it also just felt fake. So to me, surrounding yourself with grandeur like that feels fake.

– SickViking

10. Twisting the numbers

I tell people I made a 140% profit on AMC when it exploded a few days ago.

Which is true.

What I leave out is that I only put in 5.75, so my 140% profit is like 7 dollars.

– 52-61-64-75

11. The Great Gatsby

It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but at some point they discuss the differences between those with new money and those with old money.

I think that people – who are over-zealous in showing/spending their money – indicate an insecurity in their wealth. It is one sign that they may be a poor person pretending to be wealthy.

This is not entirely the case, but definitely something to think about.

– Alfred_The_Porcupine

12. Just rudeness

Talking down to people in service jobs. The cashier, waiter, guy stocking the shelves is not your personal servant and you don’t yell commands at them.

One of my friends comes from a generationally wealthy family who has a live-in butler. The family speaks to the butler with the utmost respect.

There’s a certain professionalism with the butler (doesn’t get too close with the family for example), but he was not looked down upon in any way.


13. Counterfeit clothes

I work at a sneaker store and it is FILLED with fake designer clothes and rare sneakers.

Every time I see one I make a point to greet that customer and ask where they got it.

It’s hilarious to watch them scramble for an answer.

– CRRudd98

14. The posing

Me taking pictures of myself on vacation staying in luxury hotels knowing good and well I couldn’t afford to stay in these places without splitting the cost of the room between me and my three closest family members.

That’s fun!

– blackwidowinsc

15. It’s in the bag

Seen hordes of women shopping at a walmart with luis vuitton handbags, gucci clothes etc, but they buy the cheapest food we have.

They think spending their money on a f**king several hundred dollar handbag is more important than healthy food.

What a joke!

– Swimming-Perception7

The reoccurring theme here is that most people who are truly rich would really rather not advertise it – they don’t want you bothering them.

But what do you think about this?

Give us your thoughts in the comments.