I’m not sure why, but I do remember a time when the term “TMI” was considered a joke.

It stood for “too much information,” and was pulled out when someone told you a thing that was uncomfortably personal. In those times, in the dark years, reducing any phrase to an acronym was considered hilarious. Comedy was invented much later.

But what generally ISN’T hilarious is having an actual “TMI” experience, as Reddit will attest.

What’s the most fucked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them? from AskReddit

You ready to get uncomfortable? Because seriously, you’re going to get uncomfortable.

1. The troubled barista

Visited a coffee shop for the first time on holiday.

Barista commented on my tattoos. I said thank you.

She told me she’s not allowed to get tattoos but she cuts herself to enjoy the pain and that’s nearly the same thing.

I found a different coffee shop for the rest of the holiday.

– kyridwen

2. The singing collector

Stuck driving a coworker out to a remote gas plant to do a system install. He was kinda f**ked up but assumed it was just socially awkward IT way. Nope.

He starts telling me about him and his dad collecting nazi memorabilia and how proud he was of his German grandparents. Trying to make other small talk and he would just trail off answering questions and start singing to himself.

Thought for sure I’d end up on the news and a manhunt would be conducted.

– Dice_to_see_you

3. The tragedy of the photographer

Had to get my picture taken for a visa so went to a local photography shop that took the pictures and printed them out for you right there.

I had been talking to the guy as he worked on other people’s photos and when I finally got my picture taken he started opening up about his family.

Apparently his son was killed 3 years ago in a car accident and he was telling me how much I reminded him of his son (going to school for engineering, 1st generation college student etc.). The son was killed in his senior year so didn’t even get to graduate, he even showed me pictures it was heartbreaking.

To make things worse he said he had a degenerative muscular disease and doctors had given him about 2-3 years before he’d be bed ridden. He then went on to say his daughter was taking care of him and how she isn’t married yet and deserves to live a young persons life and man, it really put into perspective how bad some people have it. I still think about that guy to this day and hope he’s doing well.

– EA721

4. The legacy inheritance

Sat on an Amtrak across from a very sweet older man, who within twenty minutes was telling me about the purpose of his trip to Maryland: to meet his biological father, who he had discovered via 23andMe, to discuss changing his last name, which was the condition of becoming being the sole inheritor of his father’s estate.

And that he was feeling a little guilty about that because his three half sisters would be excluded from their father’s will because he “finally had a legacy.”


He disembarked twenty minutes later, and I have thought about it constantly for the following four years.

– mom_jean

5. The unrequested confession

Hitchhiking through New Zealand, I got picked up by a semi driver. Awesome guy, but an hour into the drive started unloading every bit of personal information he could.

How he’s cheated on his wife, screwed the company out of money, stolen items…. It was like I was a priest in a confession booth.

When I asked him why he told me all of that, he said it’s been eating him up inside for years and telling me helped get it off of his chest. He Said I had no idea who he or anyone he knew was, so it felt like I was the perfect person to unload on.

– birdizthawerd

6. The would-be runner

New roommate told me her current boyfriend got kicked out of college for sexual assault and was under investigation for another case of sexual assault.

Wanted my opinion about it within like two hours or meeting.

Completely disregarded that my opinion was “run”.

– Ohnoimgonnarunoutofc

7. The Christmas killer

I was buying an AC at Home Depot during Black Friday sales. There were none on the shelf so an employee was helping me get the display model. He carried it all the way to the cashier for me.

I thanked him and wished him a happy holiday season. A shadow crossed his face and he looked me straight in the eye and told me he killed someone a year ago during the holidays. He ran a man over and killed him. It was ruled an accident but he said he won’t ever celebrate a holiday again because of that.

– MySillyUmmm

8. The bad wife

After like a few hours of meeting a new coworker at my job one of the first things she told me was how much she hated her husband and how like twice a day she tells him how much she wants to divorce him.

She also showed me a picture of her ex-husbands and laughed maniacally as she told me how she never loved him and that she just married him to spite his mom. I’ve met her husband she’s with now and he’s super cool and makes literally 5k a month at his job so I was genuinely confused and terrified to work with her after that.

– Jamongler

9. The victim

I was a teenager working retail and there was a fidgety older woman I worked with. I was always very nice to her, but she was just a coworker at the end of the day.

One day she told me about her grandpa m**esting her when she was young. Her parents didn’t believe her, so it continued until he died. She said she was glad he died and was happy at his funeral.

I really had no clue what to say since this was out of nowhere. I just said I was really sorry it had happened. Felt really bad for her because I could tell it still really bothered her.

– Colossus1090

10. The conspiracy theorist

Lady at work started telling me about land she owned in another state that is not part of America.

She then started talking about how every American is a bond to the government, and your SSN is just your bond number. Wealthy people own those bonds and own you. She started naming off prices of bonds based off peoples races and genders.

This was all said after I simply asked her what she was doing with her long weekend coming up.

– iJeffwuh

11. The unhappy marriage

Girl at the gym told me she was in an unhappy marriage and never loved her husband and as soon as the kids finished school she was leaving him.

Pretty sure I didn’t even know her name.

– BeachGymmer

12. The fugitive

When I used to work in construction I was on a project with this old guy that told me he was once accused of r**ing his daughter but after an investigation was conducted it turned out it was his brother who committed the crime.

Way too much information.

– martiantrucker

13. The angel of mercy

A little old lady probably about 90 years old was a regular in the mobile phone (cellphone) shop I worked in when I was younger. I always took the time to look after her Help her with her phone.

Anyway one day she tells me that she helped her husband kill himself as he was very ill and didn’t want to go on. She starts crying and said she’d never told anyone that and it’s been a huge weight off her shoulders.

– BullFr0GG

14. The adventurer

First impression of a dungeons and dragons group.

DM talks about how he went to a sleepover which was basically an orgy and had someone get a full bottle of Febreeze sprayed up his a**.

– E_McPlant_C-0

15. The super responsible citizen

First session with a new massage therapist.

Me: [relaxing and enjoying the massage]

Her: “Did you know vaccines have bits of aborted fetuses in them”

Me: ….

Her: “They don’t want people to know, but there was an undercover video.”

Me: “…..why would anyone put aborted fetus parts in a vaccine?”

Her: “It’s a preservative.”

Me: [at a complete loss for words, saying the first thing that comes into my mind after ‘what the actual f**k’] “That hardly seems cost-effective.”

Her: “yeah, I dunno, maybe I heard it wrong”.

She also told me all about her prior heroin addiction, bouts of homelessness, abusive previous marriage, and then tried to sell me some kind of $12,000 magnetic mat to lay on to heal all your things that need healing.

– Cleverusername531

Spreading toxically dangerous misinformation and then following it up with “or whatever, idk” is maybe the most infuriating thing I personally can imagine, so good on that last guy for keeping his cool.

Have you had a “TMI” experience?

Tell us about it in the comments.