There are few things worse than realizing a friendship is over – that you’ve been betrayed.

These are stories that get burned into us and really never leave.

When did you realize your “friends” were actually fake friends? from AskReddit

It’s not surprising, then, that Reddit had these tales of woe at the ready.

Here are a few high(low)lights.

1. Party foul

Went to pick up my xbox 360 a friend was borrowing, and our whole group of friends were there.

They had spent the entire day playing games with snacks and pizza, and I had not been invited.

And now I was in the situation of being the douche who takes the ball home and ruins the fun for everyone.

I took my xbox and never spoke to anyone in that group again.

– zenchemin

2. The errand boy

When I slowly realized I was only around for chores and errands. Rides to the airport, pick up furniture, help move.

Anything social always resulted in either last minute cancellations, showing up 45 minutes late and bolting after 10 minutes.

I thought they were busy, but no.

– gelatinous_poot

3. The babysitter’s club

When I was babysitting her kids things were going great. We would hangout all the time…have movie nights and just talk and chill.

But the second she no longer needed a babysitter was the second I got kicked to the curb. No explanation…not even a text back.

Some people will act like your best friend until they no longer need you. Their loss though.

– Idgiethreadgoode86

4. The sad lunch

When I was in school, all my friends and I did different A levels.

Despite us all having different lessons to each other, they would wait for each other to go to lunch together, but they would always always forget me. Like I’d come out and they wouldn’t be there, so I’d have lunch by myself.

And then they’d come back and tell me they thought I was with them.

I was the only one they didn’t wait for.

I’ve only seen one of them since we left school. She had forgotten my name.

So that sucked.

– Meowmyissues

5. Spread the wealth

I was invited to the bachelorette party for one of the friends in this group.

While at the party, I figured out that I was the only person not invited to the wedding.

I had been invited to the party because they needed another person to chip in for expenses.

– littled311

6. The gold diggers

When I went through a divorce and was down to $700…most difficult period and weeded out all those who “friended” me for my generosity because I was well settled.

Started over and have like 2 true good friends.

– allens969

7. The booze allowance

We were supposed to go to a tour and we save our money and pooled them.

Fake friends told me they had to cancel the plan because ticket prices got too high, told me to wait a few days to get my money back.

Real friends asked me why I bailed on them, and were worried that I had an emergency.

Turns out my fake friends didn’t want me to come and instead would use my money for their booze and told everyone else that I bailed out and took my money back so everyone else would give more for their booze allowance.

That friendship ended and I also learned my fake friends were alcoholics and weren’t strangers to f**king over people to get what they want.

Today one of them is alive, their alcoholism ruined their lives and some even died from it.

– illogicalfuturity

8. You’re the punchline

When I was married we had a friend group of 3 couples from our street. We went to football games, trips to the beach and spent holidays at each other’s homes. After the divorce I went traveling for a year then moved to a condo downtown in our city. I’d had lunch with the wives after returning from traveling. I thought we were still friends.

I was sitting on my 2nd floor balcony of my new condo one night about 8PM and saw them walking down the street. I said, HI! So good to see you! They’d all been out to dinner and were headed to another couple’s apartment who had moved downtown while their house was being renovated for a quick drink. I was excited to see them and asked them to stop by on their way back to where they’d parked.

I tidied up my place and anxiously awaited seeing my old pals. I was texting with one of the ladies during the wait. About 9PM I saw them walking and chatting back towards my place. They couldn’t see me. When they got close to my balcony they stopped talking and walked quickly and quietly by. Then started laughing and talking after they passed.

The one I’d been texted with while I waited sent me a text an hour later saying they were just now leaving the other friend’s place and it was too late to stop by. I replied that I’d seen them when they left. I never spoke to any of them again even though they tried to be “friends” on Facebook.

I wasn’t hurt that they couldn’t stop by on short notice. It was that they made me a joke and it really hurt.

– KarmaRan0verMyDogma

9. The periphery friend

I wouldn’t say I have fake friends but I am definitely the periphery friend. The majority of the time if there isn’t enough tickets or space in the car for everyone to go do something, I’m the one who gets cut out.

It doesn’t bother me much but I wish they would be more mindful when talking to me about “things we have done.”

“Remember when we went to see XXX? Wasn’t that fun?” Well, no because I wasn’t invited.

In those situations it usually gets awkward or they say “Hey, we would have invited you if we had the tickets, space, etc.”

– Moebar90

10. The couples

This was quite a few years ago. My ex and I were really friendly with another couple. Did a ton of stuff together. Then they moved (not far) and fairly shortly after my ex and I separated.

They hung out with me for a few months but then stopped calling.

A few years later, I ran into both of them at a race (an ultramarathon) and they both pretended like they didn’t know me. That was actually a really painful moment.

– 26pointMax

11. The surface level

When you try to open up and try to share a genuine conversation about something going on in your life and all they can do it crack jokes and try to get you to go out drinking with them.

Made me realize how surface level many “friendships” really are.

Then you have the opposite of that – 3 guys I’ve known since I was a freshman in high school. Been friends for over 15 years. Have stayed in touch through all of us getting married, having kids, and moving to completely separate areas or the country.

Yet whenever we’re within an hour of each other we always make a point to get breakfast and catch up (this usually turns into 3+ hour conversations).

This may only happen once or twice a year, but I consider those guys my best friends. That’s real friendship and I’m fortunate to have them.

– BrotherOfTheOrder

12. The Facebook account

My “””friends””” made a Facebook account for a fake girl who was “transferring to our school” and full on catfished me, only revealing it was a scam when I arrived at a movie theater to meet her.

Was I dumb? Yes.

Were they shi**y? Undoubtedly.

– wickedly_santa

13. The plagiarist

One “friend” at university tried to steal my Animation coursework, claim it as his own and get me kicked out for stealing his work.

However I had help setting things up by one of my Tutors/Professors, for me to film the coursework, so he instead got expelled and blacklisted from the University and any other University in the UK doing the same subject (The people running all the Animation degrees in every University in the UK, back then, knew each other and talked to each other regularly as it a small community. I think there were less than half a dozen Universities with Animation degrees back then)

This was 20ish years ago now.

– Bedlamcitylimit

14. Cast aside

For me it was when I got in some deep trouble and they all just cast me aside without even giving it a second thought, I realized this when I invited all of them to go to the movies with me and they all said they couldn’t go, I then found out through one of them that they went to see that movie the same day and when I asked then why they didn’t tell me they were going they said: “We just wanted to go together” s**t broke my heart

– VexAndStuff

15. Party pooper

In college I remember hanging out with a group of people like the ones on this thread. They were also my roommates for three years. Every year, we’d throw a fun party for every ones birthday but mine. They didn’t even know when mine was.

After I graduated and looked back on it, I realized they were never my friends. I don’t even hear from them anymore.

I spent 4 years socializing with the wrong people, and if I had just hung out with the people that I had led to believe were “nerds” or annoying (or who I had more things in common with) I would likely have had a much more fun time in undergrad.

Good thing I have much better friends than just the ones I made back then

– SeaOsprey1

Hang onto your true friends. They’re worth their weight in gold.

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