For most of us it’s pretty hard to imagine actually cheating on someone, even if we have let our minds wander from time to time.

But cheating on someone who’s pregnant? Come on, now. That’s low. That’s an area where you’re not likely to find a lot of sympathy from pretty much anybody.

Which is probably why these confessions were submitted anonymously.

10. As the years go by…

“I really messed up.”

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9. Whoa, that’s heavy

No my dude, you definitely did not “have to.”

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8. Put on blast

I’m not a huge fan of airing interpersonal grievances on social media, but I can’t really say as I blame her.

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7. Can’t help myself

Can’t you though? I mean, really?

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6. Guilt-free associations

Sounds like you need to be honest with her and stop sneaking around making everything inevitably worse.

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5. My strange addiction

Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my addiction to hot wings.
Could be a lot worse, it turns out.

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4. Self-aware

At least this guy knows it’s not right.

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3. No love

I don’t know if “good person” and “bad person” really mean anything.
Address this on its own merit, take responsibility.

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2. Baby mama’s babies

I had to re-read this like three times.

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1. Oops

You can’t accidentally do that, bud.
Something happening sporadically isn’t the same thing as something happening accidentally.

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Well, that’s about enough of that. I gotta go clean my brain out with soap.

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