The brain is such a complicated thing that there’s been a tendency throughout history to compare it to just whatever the most complex or cutting edge technology was at the time.

We used to talk about our brains in terms of steam engines, now we talk about them like computers. For instance:

The Average human brain is comparable to about 2.5 million gigabites. Your brain has reached near capacity. What do you delete to free up space? from AskReddit

Assuming the computer comparison holds true, what WOULD you delete, if you had the choice? Let’s see what the folks on Reddit had to say.

1.  Maybe get back that excitement?

Write down a list of my favorite video games/movies/albums and delete all memory of them so I can experience them for the first time again.

Absolutely wouldn’t free up space in the long run but exactly what I would do with the opportunity.

Realistically I’d probably delete memories of grade school since it was terrible

– Servinah

2. I don’t wanna talk about it…

All of my most embarrassing moments

– cacao_2_cacao

3. This is lodged in our minds forever.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, bananaphone!

– c0y0t3_sly

4. Do they live in Texas?

All about my exes

– chichinfu

5. Up up down down.

Cheat codes from the 90’s.

just kidding, those f*ckers are there forever whether I like it or not.

– rawker86

6. It’s just a rehearsal.

Saved scripts to win replays of arguments from twenty years ago

– VastDerp

7. Poor puppers!

The nintendo 3DS dogs I left in my device

– Infinite_Tissue_For

8. There’s a story here.

Poop in pant. Yes, poop in pant

– CherasPoyo

9. Talk about disappointment.

Game of thrones lore… Actually no scratch that just season 8 of the show as a whole.

– Azarken

10. Why do I even know this?

All knowledge that Kim Kardashian and everything associated with her even exists.

– fingers621

11. Stuck in the middle.

Can I delete my whole middle school experience? I wasn’t paying attention anyways.

– AnEpicHibiscus

12. Once you get into it…

All the kinky stuff that I wished I never found.

– TemplarSensei7

13. An ad campaign for our nightmares.

The godd*mn Quiznos rats

– DickaliciousRex

14. The one fact we remember from biology class.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

– tne_fan

15. And of course…


– dothisnowww

Personally, I don’t really have this problem. My long-term memory is crap and it always has been.

Or at least I think it always has been. How would I know?

What would YOU delete given the chance?

Tell us in the comments.