As a person who has experienced significant sleep problems my entire life, I’ve done a bit of studying into why we even need to sleep and have been surprised to find that science is a little fuzzy on that question. Obviously we know what happens when we DON’T sleep, and thus we understand why it’s necessary, but why our bodies developed that way instead of some more efficient way to manage our energy is a bit of a mystery.

Which leads to another question: what if we could just skip it?

If you could take a pill to skip sleep, allowing you to feel fully rested with no side effects, would you do it? What would you do with a full 24 hours? from AskReddit

Reddit’s got some thoughts.

1. Fly by night

I’d probably save that pill forever and use it on one of those rare but miserable times where I have to drive late at night.

Not very exciting, I know. But dying isn’t very exciting either.

– sugarcookie821

2. Get some rest?

I don’t care what I have to do with the 24 hours, I’d finally be rested.

Slept an average of 6 hours 26 minutes in the last 738 days

– JoDaProductions

3. Why not?

I absolutely would. It’s literally having more free time each day to do things that I don’t have time for.

Finish cleaning my office, clean my room, have time to workout… or just play more video games

– WirelessTrees

4. No sleep = more exploitation

Well knowing the american work culture. My employer would add this to our health plans.

They would cover 50% of the cost of these for us. They would be telling us how nice they are for doing that.

But then they would want another 6 hours a day of work. But they are gifting is the other 2 so that’s cool right?

– AnOldLazyGuy

5. It all depends…

The real question is, do I only get to take the pill to get one round of an all-nighter? Because if so no, because I tend to only sleep every other night or so anyway (thank you, insomnia)

But, if I could back-to-back those suckers and go like, a week without sleeping at all then h**l yeah, I’d finally read the books I’ve been putting off, binge the shows that have been rotting in my Netflix list… Boring stuff

– uglystreamer

6. What are the parameters?

Is this, like, a cheap, freely available drug that is safe for kids to use?

Cos I need my kids to sleep, yo. They gotta sleep. If they don’t sleep, ever, then I’m pretty certain it’s gonna get real bad real fast.

S**t just the thought of that is horrifying. I love my kids but I need to adult sometimes, you know?

– reverendmalerik

7. Oddly familiar

I think they did this on ANGEL. It works for a limited time and results in guaranteed insanity.

The employees who used it were liquidated, and that is not a euphemism.

Wolfram & Hart don’t play.

– Complete_Entry

8. Nope

H**l no. If this existed then companies would require longer working hours and there would be an expectation that you should go get another job due that “new time”.

All something like this would do is make the problems with people working too much, and not taking leisure time due to being at work or having to work worse.

– Rathewitch

9. Retire in half the time

Work a second job so I can retire in half the time.

Have the freedom to do things like travel and make decisions solely based on my wants rather than my needs

– Unlikely_Employment3

10. Leave the rest to me

I dont need 24 hours, i just want a pill to make me feel fully rested in the morning.

I cant remember the last time i ever felt fully rested even with enough sleep.

– squirtle787


Maybe find a spare hour in the day where my kids leave me alone long enough to finally have s** with my husband!

Quarantine, lockdown, sick kids. I don’t even get to take a s**t alone.

– Calciferrrrrr

12. When are we talking about?

Not during lockdown for sure. The days are already way to long since I only get to work three to five hours and there’s nothing to do after it.

Especially during winter.

I count the hours until I can go to bed just to not be bored anymore.

During summer without a pandemic or lockdown, yeah sure.

– bettyberyll

13. I’ll keep sleep

It’s call meth brah.

Seriously tho I’d go to sleep, I kind of like sleep it’s the time when I do nothing and no one gets to bother me

– Nolsoth

14. Win/win

Defiantly take.

I have insomnia anyway and never feel rested at the best of times so win win.

Then I’d have the time to do what I want without interruption.

– jellyjoenut031

15. In a world…

I fear we would find ourselves in a world where taking the pill and working 16 hours a day is the new norm.

Anyone not operating that way falls behind.

Productivity doubles in a decade, with wages ultimately stagnating once more as the economy balances around the New Normal.

– 06david90

Personally, I’d probably take it but ALSO still spend all night in bed playing video games. Best of both worlds.

But what about you?

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