With all the talk about a handful of Americans steadily acquiring billions and billions of dollars, it’s important to ask ourselves:

Do we even understand how much money that is?

It’s genuinely hard to comprehend. Even wishful hypotheticals like this are tough to wrap our heads around in practical terms:

If you had $1,000,000,000 dollars but only could spend 1% on yourself, what would you do with the other 99%? from AskReddit

So, how do we give it away? How CAN we give it away? Let’s see what Reddit thinks.

1. Good medicine.

Create a company that manufactures insulin cheaply and affordably and drive those b*stard companies into the dirt with my prices and keep people alive.

– h70541

2. A true hero.

there was one guy I read about who use to work for Disney (I think), quit, then went on to own a series of hotels. He used his excess wealth, without much public credit, went to a community and paid for child care and college tuition.

This resulted in (I think), 100% drop in crime rate in that community and some ridiculous increase in high school graduates.

If I had that level of monies, I’d imagine I’d want to do something similar to help out communities in need.

– [user deleted]

3. Debt be gone.

Clear debt for as many people as possible. Some would go towards loans and mortgages of people I know, but for the most part I’d try to buy up things like medical debt and student loans and just forgive it there and then.

My 1% would go towards safe investments, getting me set for life.

– hairy_eyeball

4. Set ’em up.

Besides charity stuff, I would pay my friends to quit their jobs and we could just live life like the show Entourage. You could set them and their families up for generations and the only rule is their new job is for us to travel and f*ck off together.

And since they have access to way more of the funds than I do they have to pay my bills and buy me sh*t.

– Summer_Penis

5. Do the food math.

I live in a city of about 100k, so I might grab everyone something good for lunch. Not like, high end, but def some quality Chinese food. (With egg rolls!)

E: Missed 3 powers of ten

Screw it, the eastern seaboard is getting chow mein

– TenthSpeedWriter

6. Mom and pop.

Half to my momma, half to my dad.

They’ve dealt with a billion dollars worth of my sh*t.

– gor8884

7. The plan.

Payoff all the mortgages off everyone I know.

Pay off all the businesses of people I know.

Set up pension funds for my entire family.

Set up a charity that puts £75,000 in bank accounts for six months, so people married to foreigners can have them live with them.

Buy all the houses for sale , and buy out all the affordable housing in my town, then renovate and charge rent at 1970 prices.

Set up and create a commune in Italy for anyone who wants a place to stay , buying one of the many villages that are empty at the moment.

– BoucheDelivery

8. Save the planet.

Invest it in renewable energy production, use the returns to fund climate change projects and research into stuff like emergent battery tech and carbon capture/sequestration tech.

– tomtttttttttttt

9. The abilities!

My dream is to start a nonprofit to help improve conditions for disabled adults, especially those with developmental disabilities like autism as there’s JACK ALL for us right now. Seems like once you turn 18 you’re on your own 🙄

But also I’d create a really cool botanical garden for my city that had all the WEIRDEST plants that exist in the world just like… As a passion project.

– tinyhatonapumpkin

10. Education is key.

Start a godd*mn school.

A private school for my local area that offers free education K-12 for low income students. Free transportation for them, free meals, free uniforms, free everything. Teachers get paid at least 80k a year.

All the physical infrastructure gets paid for up front so there are no ongoing costs, then any remaining money gets put in to a trust that generates money to pay for the school in perpetuity (and hopefully grow the trust).

– EvidentlyEmpirical

11. Criminal justice reform.

I would seriously invest in genetic testing labs to go through the mountain of backlogged r*pe kits.

I’d make it so that all Does had their DNA run against Gen Ged and then also perp DNA too.

I would set up scholarship programs for the top 5 jobs that were needed in the country and reevaluate every 5 years.

I would lobby hard for prison reform, no more private prisons and charging inmates families large obscene charges on collect calls.

I would also fund the innocents project.

I would also open up job centers in every major city to train those that need jobs and housing.

– Cha05_Th30ry

12. Warren, Ohio.

There is this town in Ohio called Warren. I drive through sometimes it’s very sad.

They have a huge drug problem and no jobs. I always think to myself I wish I was rich. I would build factories and new affordable housing.

When the lottery gets high I play it with the hope I could win just so I could help this town. I have no idea why I care so much 🤷‍♀️

– Sale_Powerful

13. The plot.

I’d use half to buy a large plot of land, facilities, and staff for unwanted pets so that they aren’t euthanized or whatever.

I’d invest the other half, hoping that it would be able to fund said facilities and staff.

With my 1% I’d buy GME and hold.

– anklesocksrus

14. A few projects.

Well. I’d split it amongst a few projects:

Project 1: The Trees:

Planting a heap of trees in my home country (Australia) and even all over the world. It would help the environment or at least make the air cleaner and fresher.

Project 2: That plastic Island:

I would definitely do something about that floating plastic island in the ocean or at least help reduce the size of it.

Project 3: Politics:

I would donate a heap of money to the political party that I support. The political party I support is a minor party so it would definitely help.

Project 4: Snow Leopards:

I would donate some money to a snow leopard charity because they are my favourite animal.

Project 5: Legalise Weed in my state:

Pretty straight forward. Since drug restrictions seem to be only or at least mostly at the state level in Australia due to our constitution, then I’ll only need to convince the state government.

Project 6: Gothic Nightclub:

I would open up a gothic nightclub that plays goth, emo, industrial and punk music in the city I live in. I would be so cool.

Project 7: Gifts to Friends:

Gift my friends a heap of chocolate and alcohol. Hopefully they will share it with me.

Project 8: Pay off my parents mortgages:

Pretty straight forward.

Project 9: Lifetime medical care for my brother:

I would make a trust for my brother who has a very rare medical condition so that he can both afford it and have good medical care for the rest of his life.

– CutEmOff666

15. Good boy.

Whatever my dog wanted.


Remember kids, a million seconds is about 12 days. A billion seconds is about 32 years.

What would you do with this kind of money?

Tell us in the comments.