I work from home a lot, and some days, I’ll be honest, I have a lot of trouble motivating myself to get in the shower. Which is weird, because without fail, every time I *do* step in, I remember that showering is the greatest thing in the world and I never want to leave.

I’m not alone in that feeling, either. But we all have our specific reasons for wasting water.

People who take an hour showering, what do you do? from AskReddit

Here are just a few ways you can pass the time in your next endless shower, via Reddit.

1. Performing an endurance test

10 minutes of shower, 50 minutes of turning up the hot water slowly to see how much you can withstand.

– alucard971

2. Shaving

I am a sasquatch.

On top of that i have somewhat long wavy hair and I like to leave conditioner in for as long as possible

– Mama_Bear_Jen

3. The hypothetical conversations

i always make up fake scenarios in my head and get angry at people for hypothetically saying that mean thing to me

– MuffinMan447

4. The sprinkler maneuver

I put the water in my mouth and spray it around the shower.

– smol_boi-_

5. The scream

Stand under the warm water and scream internally in existential crisis

– DowntownDingbat

6. Going to another world

Existing in peaceful warm distraction free seclusion

– TheInklingsPen

7. Dealing with your dumb nose

30min at most is my max, when my allergies are really bad and I’m trying to steam out my sinuses so I can breathe for the rest of the day.

What I’m doing is blowing my nose and winning imaginary arguments.

– Disregard-my-opinion

8. Sittin’

My girlfriend thinks I’m weird for sitting in the shower but it’s the best!

I just lean back against the tub, let the water hit me and zone out for a while. It’s the most relaxed I get in the day.

– YoPimpness

9. Relitigating the past

Having comebacks come to my brain about fights 3 years ago

– internet_void

10. MORE shaving

Long, thick hair takes a long a** time to wash and rinse.

Also shaving takes a long a** time if you’re doing legs, that’s a lotta area to cover. Especially if you haven’t in awhile, gotta shake the razor out every half-stroke.

Also if you want a body that is cleaned in all the little nooks and crannies, that takes a long a** time.

– famatruni

11. The bucket move

Make a bucket on my chest and let it fall once it’s full

– v1be

12. Talking with myself

I have conversations, do interviews, argue (and I win every time), dance, sing, do ted talks and just stare into a void of darkness.

– 6ThrowMeAway19

13. The wind down

I usually just stand there winding down my day (I take showers before bed) and process everything that happened.

Helps me relax and sleep.

– Ghawblin

14. Feeling human

I’m 6’7” and don’t have appropriate shower at home (i have a bathtub, in which I obv don’t fit).

When I travel, I usually choose a hotel where there is a massive shower with tons of headspace and then I take 2 showers a day for at least 45mins to 1h just to feel like a human.

It’s the small things in life ppl…

– NecVoluerunt

15. Chowing down

I had to install a timer on the shower head when my eldest lived with me.

He would be in there sooo long EATING then brushing his teeth.

I kid not, he would stand in there and eat a friggin hamburger.

He still does it in the bathtub. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

– LeileiBG

16. The big stare

I was engaged to someone who legit would shower for an hour every single time without fail.

She would wash and shampoo and then just stand there for an extended period of time. Legit, stand and stare. I don’t think she realized how long she was in there.

She did stuff like that a lot though and was constantly late for things, would pause in-between actions and just kind of stare off for a bit.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ the answer to your question though is usually “Nothing”

– forgott

17. Actually clean yourself

Wash hair, rinse hair, condition hair, rinse again, make-up removing face wash for eye make up, acne face wash for rest of face, lip exfoliate, wash butt and rinse, loofah body, foot scrub, shave chin, shave arm pitts, shave legs, shave bikini area, shave toes, nail brush on fingers, nail brush on toes, spend a lot of time thinking while rinsing between all those steps

– lil_cutie_five

18. Preparation

Shower for 10 Minutes and then mentally prepare 50 Minutes for the daily interaction with People.

– WattebauschXC

19. Nothin’

Legitimately nothing.

I literally just stand there unironically. It’s just relaxing.

Though it wastes water so it’s not a good habit lol so I try not to

– senketfox

20. Jammin’

So my shower got this radio built in and I love taking hot showers whilst listening to music. water comes with the rent so I don’t have to worry about water usage.

I tend to day-dream and get clean doing so.

– TerritoriaI_Pissings

21. The mental health shower

The steam, hot water, isolation, and repetitive motions are great for relaxation and meditation.

You focus on relaxing each muscle group, from shoulders to ankles, regulated deep breathing, and let the water run over your body.

Granted even my most indulgent mental health showers only last 30 minutes at most, but that’s because I’m wired since childhood to be hypersensitive towards wasting hot water.

– spehizle

22. Suffer

Contemplate my life choices, think about all my failures, cry my heart out, fail at controlling my emotions, have an existential crisis, and then wash myself.

– Cheetodude625

23. The full experience

1 part emotional crisis, 1 part masturbating, 1 part peeing, and top it off with trying to remember if I washed out my conditioner

– jaketheweirdsnake

24. Give ’em a show

Give my neighbours and anyone nearby a full length Taylor swift tribute concert.

I just get in there and start singing my heart out. It’s always Taylor swift. I know they hear me because they told me they don’t like shake it off so I don’t sing that anymore.

– DanyStormborn333

25. Get soothed

I have pretty bad anxiety attacks and so I will take ultra long showers from time to time because the warm water is like soothing to me.

The noise of the water, and heat, the steam, it all just kinda drowns out the voices in my head telling me I’m bad or not good enough.

– Mountain_Situation89

26. Surf the net

Watch youtube, go on reddit, sing, dump random things like toothpaste down the drain because im impulsive, y’know, the usual

– [user deleted]

27. Evening things out

My back is cold! I’d better turn around. Ahhh that feels better.

Now my front is cold! I’d better turn around! Ahhhh that feels better.

Now my back is cold again!!!

– BoxxerUOP

28. Dealing with too much hair

Honestly shaving and washing my bleeping Hair.

Genetics gave me a lot of hair. Without shaving I look like a yeti in two days.

I have long, very thick curly hair. Curly hair need a lot of Attention. Like Hair masks and oil before showering and conditioner.

Not necessarily every shower but you need some time to rinse shampoo etc. out.

– britta-ceara

29. Getting philosophical

Contemplating existence.

We’re basically just electricity being filtered through memories.

When we die that filter goes away.

– cyainanotherlifebro

30. All of the above

Pretty much exclusively the following:

Dissociate and think about all of the embarrassing things I’ve ever done.

Have a fake fight in my head with that person who was a dick but not enough of a dick for me to waste my time fighting IRL

Pretend I’m on late night TV being interviewed for my latest album release

Sing that run / riff over and over until I get it right

Debating whether or not to shave for 15 mins

– PotentialAd5257

Alright, that’s enough. Now hit the showers.

Do you identify with any of these?

Tell us which ones in the comments.