Quick question… how many of you have a great relationship with both your parents?

I can’t see those hands, but I’d estimate that probably half do. The other half… well… it’s likely that about half of THOSE people have a good relationship with at least one of their parents. And then the other half… probably not os much.

But why is that? Well, sometimes our own parents let us down. Sometimes they’re just awful at being parents. As so we become distant or estranged.

For all of you who have an estranged relationship with your father, these 11 confessions will likely hit home and show how it really feels to be so disconnected from the person who helped bring you into this world.

1. Is your father the “Bad Dad” on that cover?

Doesn’t seem like he’s very interested at being a father anymore. But a lover? Yep!

Image Credit: Whisper

2. Do you think you could find some common ground?

He should have to put in some effort too, but it does work both ways.

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3. If you can, be their for each other during times like this.

It’s not just for them. It’s also for you. We remember these times a lot.

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4. Just ignore this.

Being part of social media is so nonsensical sometimes.

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5. Why are people like this?

It really makes no sense when people act like this.

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6. Hey, some reason is better than nothing.

I say steal that damn cat back!

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7. He’s reaching out.

It’s good to reward that sometime.

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8. Wow… you must be REALLY estranged.

That’s some rough stuff.

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9. That’s good enough for now.

Baby steps, folks…

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10. Actually, I don’t think it’s bad to do that.

Parents are supposed to provide for their kids. Especially when it comes to education.

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11. Keep trying!

Hopefully you’ll get through. Eventually.

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Okay, so those were some sad stories. Some were actually a bit uplifting, but most were sad. Isn’t it a bummer when people can’t get along. And I honestly blame the dads because they’re the adults, ultimately, and they need to be the person to bring people together. Especially their kids.

Do you have any stories you want to share about your dad? Your parents?

If you’d like to… do that in the comments!