These days you can hardly take a step in any direction without running to another documentary or podcast series about cults.

But what are the cultish things that are a little less obvious that are also among us?

What’s something that’s not a cult, but feels like a cult? from AskReddit

Get ready to become a true believer with these Reddit folks.

1. Salesforce

No, I don’t want to build a community, go hiking or join a hundred online classes to learn the basics.

Make a couple of well-explained, to-the-point training videos ffs

– Grace534448

2. Peloton


– Pretty-Supermarket55

3. Crystal Stuff

One girl in my year started telling us about her religion around healing crystals which her mum happened to own (and we could buy) and one boy said ‘sounds like a pyramid scheme’ and you would not believe how offended she got

– TytonidaeOwl

4. Air Fryers

I keep telling everyone how great they are and how life changing getting an air fryer is.

Then they get one and love it and repeat the cycle. But seriously, air fryers are awesome

– Frankyboy07

5. 12 Step Groups

Having participated in them, as well as studied them, I feel comfortable in saying they’re not cults. Some individual groups can behave like them, however.

Some ‘cult-like’ experiences in a safe refuge from a life-threatening mode of behaviour can have positive impacts on the well-being of individuals for a period of time. Finding a ‘new home’, a ‘new family’, and a ‘new way of living’ can save lives. In that regard, I believe it’s important to take into consideration the ‘positive’ meaning of the word ‘cult’: “a system of religious (or spiritual) beliefs and its body of adherents”.

On the other hand, peer-support for recovery needs to be a part of — not the entirety of — a recovery plan that involves plenty of other forms of support, especially professional help.

There are also non-religious/non-spiritual peer support groups available for those embarking on the journey of recovery.

r/stopdrinking has some excellent resources for anyone in need of help now.

– -o0_0o-

6. Twitchers

Basically any twitch streamer with a decent following.

Mob mentality and echo chambers are crazy things.

– trawd

7. Elon Musk

There’s a guy in my office who drives a Tesla, has a Tesla jacket, spent thousands on getting Tesla solar panels for his house, his phone case has the Tesla T on the back and his lock screen picture is an Elon portrait of him smoking that joint on Rogan’s podcast.

Say something bad about Elon like how Elon’s hairline is fake and watch him lose his sh*t.

– gizmosbutu

8. Politics

Way too many people treat politics as team sports.

They’ve picked their side and everything that side does is great and everything the other side does is awful.

That’s as much thought as they ever put into it.

– sharrrper

9. Harry Potter

my brother’s mother in law literally bought him all the Harry Potter audio books on audible for his birthday because she believes that ever person needed to read the books.

Thing is, my brother has already read the books before but now that his wife is making him listen to them he’s starting to get creepily sucked into them and won’t shut about how fantastic of books they are

– SolarSummons

10. Acapella Music

Don’t DARE to point out how processed and studio tweaked all the big groups are, especially on their albums.

Also never try to get them to use room mics rather than individual ones…oooo boy.

They won’t listen to a sound guy, someone with more experience, or (especially) the bass.

God forbid you are a straight male who likes it either…

So many catty inside jokes, diva f*cking singers, and politics.

– CowboyFleeborg

11. Work in general

I’ve had a few jobs like that where the manager brings us into a room and gives us a talk about how we’re all a big family here, and I’m looking at the wall and it’s covered in sh*tty motivational art and “The best employee is a happy employee” type sh*t.

I’m just sitting there, wondering wtf I’m doing with my life and how low I must have fallen to end up here, thinking “Listen b*tch, I’m giving you 40 hours a week of my time, and in return I want you to pay me minimum wage, it’s that simple”.

That kinda talk just translates in my mind to “We have mandatory overtime policies here, and also you’ll get fired if you don’t add your boss to Facebook, or if you don’t have Facebook”.

– darth-canid

12. Yoga

I do it for the exercise too but all the wishy-washy stuff that comes along with it is so annoying. It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to try yoga and meditation in general, I didn’t want to be associated with the air-fairy nut jobs that make the whole thing into a lifestyle centered around crystals, astrology and auras.

It’s a great exercise and it’s good for your mental health and I can see why people who are more spiritual are attracted to it, but I hate that public perception of it has been tainted by this.

– ShreddedKnees

13. Company Chants

When Walmart bought a British supermarket chain they tried to introduce a company chant.

After the UK executives had finished laughing it was politely explained that there was no way that British employees would do that.

– Razakel

14. Huel

Huel Black, Chocolate Flavor (and I use that term extremely loosely) is the single worst substance I’ve ever purposely consumed.

If half the posts on the subreddit are about how to make it not taste like sh*t and how to actually make it dissolve instead of clump, you’ve got a garbage product on your hands, folks.

– barriekansai

15. Nutriboom

Whoa there brother.

Your amino acid levels are looking dangerously low

– TytonidaeOwl

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