So, as many of us know, there’s still A LOT of weddings that still take place in a “traditional” venue. That being a church. You remember churches, right? Those places you used to go when you were a kid, but now you know better so you stay away.

Of course I kid. We non-religious are VERY jealous of how everybody who’s religious is so sure they’re going to a better place after this life ends.

Still, for many couples, marriage is a legit religious moment with incredibly powerful meaning. It’s genuinely a sacrament to God. But sometimes things can get REALLY weird within the confines of those holy walls, and these 10 people are sharing just how wild it can get.

Buckle your seatbelts. We’re in for a bumpy ride…

Check out these stories from Whisper.

1. And just like that, you’ve got a baby!

Congrats… I think!

Image Credit: Whisper

2. Oh, you did this on purpose, didn’t you.

Turning heads and wagging tongues!

Image Credit: Whisper

3. Hahaha… this kid is a f**king bad a$$!

I bet he got a paddling after this!

Image Credit: Whisper

4. You went to a pub and drank lemonade?

What a waste of time! 😉

Image Credit: Whisper

5. Oh snap mom!

So you don’t like your potential daughter-in-law?

Image Credit: Whisper

6. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to dip either.

You dip, she dip, we dip?

Image Credit: Whisper

7. Ouch ouch ouch.

This one hurts to read.

Image Credit: Whisper

8. Oh man… what a let down.

They spared ALL expense!

Image Credit: Whisper

9. Maybe it wasn’t holy.

Maybe it was UNholy… hmmmm?

Image Credit: Whisper

10. You little scamp, you!

But now you’ve got some naughty memories.

Image Credit: Whisper

Oh my… those were some head turners, right? Can you believe the things people get up to in church?

Do you have any stories like this? Find any of these particularly hilarious?

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