Let’s get to know each other shall we?

Hmm. How to start. Maybe Reddit has some ideas!

What is a seemingly mundane question you can ask somebody that will tell you a lot about their personality? from AskReddit

These questions are brilliant. I’ll provide my answers one by one, then you do the same in the comments.

Ready, go!

1. “You mean what you say.”

Favorite compliment they’ve ever received.

It tells you a lot about what people think of themselves, and what they tend to value.

– howdidthishappen2850

2. I agree with your friend.

How would you describe the internet to a caveman?

It will show you how they look at what the internet is used for. For example, some might say it’s a source of information, or it’s a way to connect people who are far away.

I know one person who said they wouldn’t explain it to a caveman because they wouldn’t go back in time without AC.

– not_a_library

3. Night, generally.

Do you prefer night or day?

– featoutsider

4. Pay off debt, go from there.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

For me, it’s a non invasive way of listening to people’s attitudes on finance in general, and also how they feel about the rich.

– Johnny_Vinyl

5. Honestly? Leftover pizza.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

It’s really cool to hear about what people like, what their culture is like (because food is a huge part of that), and generally just how they live.

Expensive or cheap? Quick or elaborate? Adventurous or safe?

– ShiraCheshire

6. A place without scarcity.

I had a TA ask me in a get to know you activity “What my vision was for a perfect world?” And I said round lol

– American-Dragon88

7. Being a child.

What was the last thing you did that gave you child-like joy?

– mntucker10

8. Flying, hands down.

What super power they want. – _-_bort_-_

9. Always return the cart.

My husband used to work for bed bath and blah blah.

He told me part of his job was to put carts away. He said that was his favorite part about the job, wasting time walking around the parking lot finding carts and putting them away. He got to be outside, chill by himself, not have to deal with other worse tasks etc. Of course this story only came up after I gave him some s**t for not putting the cart back one time.

This story was his elaborate rationale for not putting a cart back and to prove he was in fact a nice normal compassionate human. Normally, a fastidious cart returner, I started to leave my cart. Thinking I was actually being nice and even more compassionate than ever before! I probably only did it 2-5x until I realized, he’s just an a**hole. Who has now made me into an even bigger a**hole. I now get to think about how much we are both assholes in our own ways every time I return a cart.

– tigglewigglekiggle

10. Pterodactyl.

What’s your favorite dinosaur?

In my last year of college, I took a prehistoric history class and was loving it. I (a history major) commuted by light rail to school and would end up spending the hour or so on the train congregating with other history majors.

One day, I asked this group, “what’s your favorite dinosaur?”

Most of the people gave answers like velociraptors or that they hadn’t really been interested in dinosaurs since they were kids, which was fair enough.

But one guy said, “I don’t believe in dinosaurs” and that the earth was 6000 years old. This was a guy that was studying history, for the sake of teaching children history, and he was denying that most of the earth’s history didn’t exist, despite learning otherwise in the classes he was specializing in.

I lost a lot of respect for him that day, and now, having a favorite dinosaur is a barometer test of mine.

– Jibabear

11. Probably less likely they’ll get stuck.

My girlfriend’s dad always uses one interview question that makes or breaks a possible hire. “Why are man hole covers round?”

The goal isn’t to know the answer it’s to show that you are willing to critically think about a problem before you say you need help.

– SoftwareCycle

12. Sure it is, that’s why we make so many stories about it.

One I saw on a dating-site of all places (I forgot the name of it) was:

“Do you think the concept/consequences of a post-apocalyptic world is, in some ways, interesting?”

And it really resonated with me. It shows whether a person is interested in abstract thinking and imagining. Most people on the site voted no. I even had a conversation with someone who was like “no? Why would you want the world to end?!” – I don’t, but the idea of how it would be like, how the world ended, what society looks like afterwards, is interesting.

I probably don’t match up well with anyone who would vote no to that question.

– SuiTobi

13. Falcon, probably.

“if you could be an animal, what animal and why?”

Young and old, it’s a fun question that tells something about a person. – Eschew_Verbiage

14. Grilled cheese. Tacos fall apart too easy.

Grilled cheese sandwich, or a taco..who wins in a fight?

– shartnado3

15. !!

Did I just see you digging through the trash?

– TillikumWasFramed

Apologies if you haven’t played Stardew Valley and have no idea what that last one was about.

Now you answer!

Pick your favorite(s) and share your responses in the comments, please!