Everybody’s stayin’ trashy out there. Maybe even more than you might expect.

What is the trashiest thing you have ever witnessed? from AskReddit

Does Reddit have some trashy stories? You bet your bin they do. Let’s delve in.

1. Recreational cleaning.

Friend of a friend of my roommate came over.

Saw the computer duster bottle I use to legit clean my computers of dust.

Excitedly says “you do this too?!” and proceeds to huff a lungful of computer duster.

Was not expecting that!

– oynutta

2. These clothes are crap.

I worked in Primark for [too many] years.

One day, an old, foreign lady “tried on some clothes” in the changing room, took a sh*t on the floor and left.

– Aquarian1258

3. The man child.

I watched a family in front of me where the mom was struggling with three really ill-mannered children while trying to check-out.

Dad is just playing some BS game on his phone while she is overwhelmed and then asks for twenty bucks.

While she finishes checking out he immediately walks over to a scratch lotto ticket machine and blows all of it. Then comes back and asks for more before she has even realized what he did.

I just instantly thought “that guy is trash.”

– farmerche

4. Little rascal.

Woman in Walmart spraying herself with lysol in her arm pits and down the front of her pants, then put the can back and drove off on her rascal.

– FireMaster2311

5. Daddy issues.

my ex asked me for rent money when i was off his lease and then promptly got “Daddy” tattooed on his chest about a week after that

– wittlechickie

6. The lock problem.

My husband and I, in our earlier years of being together lived on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ … literally, right at the end of our townhouse complex, there were train tracks and it transitioned into a really nice neighborhood lol

Anyway, on the other side of our townhouses was a bar. We’d always get to hear the drunks leaving at closing time .. fun.

Anyway, we wake up one morning to our neighbor screaming her d*mn head off. We ran out and she was dragging this drunk out of the back of her car and beating the sh*t outta him. We did call the cops and had him hauled away.

So, she did not lock her car… he thought it was his car and crawled into the passenger seat to sleep it off. P*ssed and sh*t himself, got uncomfortable and decided to move to the back seat. Her car was completely covered in p*ss, sh*t, and vomit. She paid to have it towed for cleaning .. and rightfully so. I will never forget that!

Always, always, always lock your cars lol

– BruceeThom

7. In the mood.

Walking home late on a Saturday night in a town centre, turned a corner and there was a guy doing a girl doggy style over a wall while her friend was sat next to her puking all over herself

– sirrobbiebobson

8. Cracking up.

I was at the self checkout at Home Depot buying a couple plants.

Heard something hit the ground behind me, sounded glassy. Turned around and looked down, dude had dropped his meth pipe and it shattered.

He continued checking out and left it there.

– Living_Kumquat

9. Sad.

2014, First time in LA (not from the US) and was walking through a back street back to the bus stop with my partner.

Walked past a parked car and had two people in the front seats melting heroin in a spoon with their young daughter in the back seat. I was absolutely shocked to the point of speechlessness.

I don’t know if it’s trashy or just sad but it’s what came to mind.


10. The Karen strikes back.

Lady held up the drive thru line at McDonald’s for about 30 minutes over some dispute, refusing to move her car.

She was screaming at them, recording them, calling them ret*rded, every name under the sun. She had a car full of kids too of course. When the employees finally got her order “right” to her specifications and handed her the food, she threw the drinks at them and literally emptied the bag on the ground and drove off. It was a big bag, and I’m guessing with the first order and remake taken into account, probably ~60 dollars of McDonald’s. Lots of food.

Meanwhile, I was homeless, and was waiting for the person behind them in line to buy me some food (I gave them money, but the inside was closed and I couldn’t go through the drive thru with no car.)

I hate seeing people be mean to others out of spite.

– garlic_naaaannn

11. Literally trash.

A new friend invited me to come with her and her parents to their cabin for a long weekend when I was around 14. Her mom was in the passenger seat in front of me eating sunflower seeds and picking the shells out of her mouth and throwing them out the window one by one. It was gross to watch but it wasn’t exactly littering so whatever I guess. (Although we were on a highway so having a window down wasn’t comfortable on the ears…)

Then she finishes her snack and THROWS THE EMPTY BAG OUT THE WINDOW. No one in the car has any reaction so I sat there alone in horror over how casually this grown woman littered out of her car.

And that was only the start of a 5-hour car ride where THE ENTIRE FAMILY would roll down their window to throw out literally every single piece of trash they had during the trip (snack bags, napkins, gum wrappers, you name it)…ever heard of a trash bag that you use until you stop at a gas station???

I used a tissue and stuck it back in my pocket at one point and my friend goes “dude that’s dirty, throw it out”, followed by what seemed to be a long silence with everyone waiting for me to toss it out. I regret doing it but 14-year-old me was not about to get all righteous toward a family that I was going to be with for the next 3 days.

That entire family had a lot of trashy habits that really just made me feel gross being associated with them. I wasn’t friends with that girl much longer after that weekend lol.

So yeah, quite literally the trashiest thing I’ve witnessed.

– ssprinkz

12. Luck be a lady.

Somebody being f*ngered vigorously on a bus during morning rush hour in full view of everyone, including children.

The “lucky” lady got VERY verbally abusive when they were asked to stop and stood in the aisle with her filthy knickers round her ankles shouting at everyone and saying we were “dirty f*ckers” for “watching” as her boyfriend (or willing stranger) rolled a joint and threatened to beat everyone up for “looking”.

I didn’t immediately see what was going on but I could definitely smell something.

Did I mention she was in her 50s?

– Retrosonic82

13. The grift.

I knew a guy who went to a state-funded methadone clinic and pretended to be a junkie so he could sell his take-home methadone doses for crack money.

– filthy_lucre

14. The wedding.

I went to the wedding of my childhood friend’s sister. They were our neighbors growing up so I knew the whole family.

The invitation said no gifts cash only. Bride’s mother tells me to get a gift because groom’s mother is planning on taking any money they get to cover the cost of the wedding. It’s her “planning” fee.

I show up to the church and I’m directed to the basement of the church which is where the ceremony and reception are being held. Don’t ask me why they were not getting married in the actual church. The setup is pretty terrible but I’m going to try to enjoy myself.

Bride walks down the “aisle” with safety pins in her dress because she never got around to getting it altered (was told this by sister).

There is no booze but there is 99 cent sparkling grape juice. I know it was 99 cents because the stickers were left on the bottles.

The food was these prepacked sandwiches. Bride’s mom tells me that the food was actually donated to the church to feed the hungry and this was left over or something like that. Groom’s mom didn’t want to pay for food. I ate some chips and left the sandwich.

There was a guy at the wedding in a white tank top and sweatpants. He took a fancy to me and was trying to get my number. He told me he just got out of jail so that’s why he didn’t have a better outfit for the wedding. Fair enough… he told me you could cure aids with dish soap (not that he had it) and that two different gangs wanted him to join and were fighting over him. He was this short scrawny white guy. No one wants you in their gang dude.

So I get away from gang boy and give the bride and groom their gift. They both say thank you. Groom’s mom comes over to me and asks me if I read that it was cash only for gifts on the invite. I said yes but I wanted to get them a gift. She huffed and walked away. Gang boy was then trying to get me to go somewhere to get food with him after the wedding. I practically ran out of there.

– ginns32

15. Nailed it.

Man clipping his toenails on the bus.

We were in the middle of f*cking nowhere and the bus came only every 40 minutes otherwise I would have gotten off.

– liza_lo

Man, I think I might just cringe myself out of existence after all that.

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