You ready for some spooky? Because it’s time for some urban legends.

What are the creepiest urban legends from your area? from AskReddit

Reddit really cranked the creep factor up to ten for these tall tales. Get ready.

1. Makcik Keropok

Its a legend about a lady going around door to door selling keropok. (a type of cracker)

If you refuse to buy any, she releases a Pontianak (a vengeful ghost) into your house.

Best solution is not to open the door.

– RavenInTheSky

2. The Insane Asylum

there used to be an insane asylum by my house in the 70s. It is probably five minutes away from my house if that. But, they tore it down in the 90s because it was just a giant eye sore, and had a dark history of mistreating patients. There is a cemetery on the property with hundreds of unnamed people who died there.

In the early 2000s, Walmart bought the land and wanted to build a walmart there since you would be able to see it from the highway. They excavated and such, and the day before they were set to start construction a huge landslide happened in the middle of the night that blocked the highway for days. If it would have happened at rush hour tons of people would have died.

Ultimately, it was deemed unsafe territory to build on, so it remains empty. Except for all the bike trails through the area. But no one ever rides during night time lol. I guess the people who died there didn’t want to be chilling underneath a walmart’s aisle 10

– Tower-Educational

3. The Owyhee Mountain Hunters

it’s not really a known creepy urban legend, but in the 1800s in the owyhee mountains in idaho there was a group of hunters staying in a cabin and after failing to come back to their families a search party was sent out to look for them, they found the cabin, locked from the inside, with the window also locked from the inside. and they found all of the hunters dead with their heads crushed. no one knows who did it or how. but the incident repeated itself in like the 1970s or something.

– rocket___goblin

4. The Black Ambulance

I live in Romania and as a kid the most common legend was the “black ambulance” that would steal kids and harvest their organs and that kids’ bodies were to be found a few days later abandoned on a field with some money for the funeral.

Also, in my town our parents would never let us go to the cinema because there was this legend about a man who wound put AIDS infected needles on the seats.

– mikeynbn

5.  The Caller

I’ll have to roughly translate it from Arabic so bear with me.

We call it “the caller”. It is told that in the middle of the night it calls your name and forces you to follow its voice, until you reach a body of water, it then pulls you under forcing water into every single hole in your body no matter how small and of course then drowning you.

I think this was made up so kids don’t go on a swim at night.

( If anyone is interested its originally an Egyptian urban legend. Here’s the Arabic name “النداهه”)

– ChadTheMagnificent

6. The Black Horse

Not my current area, but one of the primary schools I went to had a few trees in the back corner of the field with a mountain of dirt. There were rumors that it was haunted with horses (of all things lol) there was one black horse that was evil. And if you sat under the trees and closed your eyes, you could hear the horses.

It wasn’t until I was older that I found out the school was built on an old racing ground and it closed down after one of the jockeys poisoned a competitors black horse.

– mediastoosocial

7. Joey the Clown

We had one called ‘Joey The Clown’.

Nearby is a disused Victorian railway which has been transformed into a 20ish mile path for people to walk, jog, cycle etc and links different parts of the city (just as the rail line would have).

Before that it was just disused and didn’t have tarmac or anything. Just mud, grass and there were no gates in the side doors of the tunnels.

The tunnels are REALLY dark in there and we used to hang around in there when we were kids.

We became aware of the urban legend of ‘Joey the clown’ who was a lunatic who ran away from the circus, kidnapped a baby and hanged it by its feet upside down from one of the pipes above the tunnel right into the path of an oncoming locomotive which he also jumped in front of.

Rumors still persist that people have seen Joey’s ghost in the tunnels and if you were brave enough to go in the tunnel at night you would hear him laugh, hear a baby cry and the sound of the locomotive.

My mother uses this to her advantage when I was a kid though by telling my sisters and I that Joey The Clown preys upon children who wear odd socks and who refuse to wear clean underwear. So of course we’d all be wearing matching socks and make sure we had pristine underwear on when we ventured down to the old railway.

– Rick-Dastardly

8. Black Shucks

Black Shucks; big, black, ghostly/demonic dogs with glowing red eyes that are supposed to be omens of death.

They generally appear on roads at night. There’s apparently a few around town and some drag chains too.

Also one is actually a bear, but I have no idea why we have a ghostly demonic bear because we don’t even have normal bears in this country.

– Numerous_Emus

9. Flathead Lake Monster

The Flathead Lake in western Montana is the largest body of fresh water this side of the Great Lakes. 18 miles wide, 26 miles long, 400+ feet deep.

People have seen the FLM breach the surface looking like the back of a serpent type creature.

My theory is there are some monstrous 25 foot long sturgeons hiding out down there, but who knows……

– Cloggerdogger

10. The High School Stories

My highschool had a few. It was a convent/Catholic boarding school before becoming a high school.

On my first day of school, my grade was brought on tours of the school by older students. Here are some of the stories I remember:

When you enter the school from its main entrance to access the reception desk you need to pass a statue of the Virgin Mary. Behind the statue there is a rope. It was said that one of the nuns committed suicide with that exact rope.

Outside the front of the school there is a well and fountain that was no longer in use. The well was barred up and it was impossible to see what was down there. It was said that there was a girl who fell down the well and the nuns had no way of getting her out. Since she died, the well had been sealed shut.

The teachers offices, which students were prohibited from entering unless given permission, were on the top floor of the school. It was said that you could see/hear ghosts of nuns who used to live there. That space used to be where the nuns slept.

– theprettyunicorn

11. The Burial Ground

There is a large “burial ground” for people who know to much and are a liability, (mostly drug rings) out on a part of the reservation that no police or tribal police have jurisdiction to be able to investigate. Unfortunately I heard about and so did my friends in high school and we thought it was just a legend.

Well last year I learned it was I real. I had a friend who got out the drug ring and showed it to me.

– TrystenConn

12. Legend of the Bean Sucker

Rural western Maryland, been researching folklore for our class, we have a few but here’s one of my personal best

Legend of the Bean Sucker, the story of a man who wanted to scare a couple as they were coming home in a carriage, back in the late 1800’s. He stuffed his mouth full of beans and jumped in front of their carriage. It was said the driver was angry, so he chased the man down the railroad tracks by the path, until the man (the bean guy) ran into an oncoming train. It was said when they found the body, there was no head. Since then, people say you can hear the Bean Sucker’s head rolling around or find beans on the ground

Maybe not the creepiest, but there is evidence that the train part may have happened around that time, which makes the reality factor even more real

– oinkszoinks

13. The Banshee

Not in my area, it has been on the news about many years ago. Many Malaysians will know about this. There’s a couple driving when suddenly their car broke down in Karak Highway, Genting Highlands at like 3am.

The husband came down to find someone to help and the wife waits in the car. The wife waited for so long but decided to keep waiting. She saw some cars pass by slowly and then sped up. After hours of waiting, the police had came and they use the loudspeaker to told the woman to came out of the car without looking back. After that, she turn her head and saw a banshee looking creature sucking her husband’s head.

– End8890

14. The Ghost of Sarah Marshall

There’s a small graveyard out the back of cranebrook that a haunted by the ghost of Sarah Marshall.

We and my mates went there one night didn’t see much except we found fingerprints all over the windscreen of the car, we left almost immediately

– Emuwar_veteran

15. The Boy on the Beam

There’s an enormous wooden railroad trestle not too far from me (tracks are still in use) and the legend goes that one day in the 1940s when the area was super rural, a teenage boy decided to kill himself. As the road passing under the trestle was the only way to access the houses beyond it at that time, he elected to hang himself from the beam directly above the road so his parents would be forced to see him when they returned home.

I normally don’t believe in this sort of thing, but if you look closely you can still see marks in the timber above the road that looks suspicious like a rope rubbed against it.

Draw your own conclusions….

– 97PG8NS

Hope you enjoyed those as much as w-OH GOD LOOK BEHIND YOU!


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