I remember telling a friend that if we were both still single by the time we were 30, we’d get married. I’m 31 now and I’m not married, and I don’t think she is either, so I guess I’ve got an awkward phone call to make?

Turns out I’m not alone. Lots of people have made agreements like this.

And one Reddit user wanted to know about ’em:

People who made a marriage pact with someone like "If we’re both single by the time we’re 40, let’s get married" and went through with it, how did it go? from AskReddit

Let’s uncover some tales of romance deferred:

1. Things are looking up!

Best friend since we were really young. Always had crushes on each other off and on. In high school, our timing was awful and we never ended up dating but we did make a marriage pact – if we were both single at 30 years old, we’d getting married.

Some years passed. We moved away from each other, grew distant, dated other people. Long story short, we’re now back in each other’s lives and I’m reasonably sure we’re going to make good on the pact earlier than originally anticipated.

– KafkaesqueLife

2. When you just can’t wait.

I made this pact with my best friend in high school. Several years down the road we ended up being together but long before the time frame was up.

We will be married next year.

– JackassJJ88

3. Gotta love a happy ending.

I made a baby pact with a friend. If we hit a certain age he would impregnate me.

I knew we wouldn’t be good together romantically, but he was a solid best friend and would have been a great dad. It was also a safety net for me that helped me leave an abusive relationship. I had been convinced that no one else would ever love me and I’d never be a mum.

Anyway, he ended up introducing me to my now husband (who I have a child with), while he is married to someone far better suited to his personality than me.

So I’d say it worked out for the best for everyone.

– anonymousbosch_

4. Ghost stories.

Had this happen with a best friend of mine, she said if both of us were single at 35, we’d get married to each other. Two years later, I ask her out.

She is taken aback, ghosts me for a year then invites me to her wedding. I had no hard feelings, so went anyways.

– thesign180

5. How the years fly by.

Made this agreement at 16 to marry at 35.

We started dating at 26, and it’ll be 2 years next week.

She wants to get married a little earlier than 35 now.

– Parking-Delivery

6. What a coincidence!

I (now, late 30’sF) made a joke marriage pact with a gay male friend back in ’99 or so before gay marriage was legal. Promised to marry before 40.

We both got married this year…to different men with the same first name. So, not quite what was asked, but we’re amused.

– PitifulFront9

7. HOW many kids?

Yeah, we made a pact when we were 18 to get married if we were both single at 30. We were not dating.

Jumped the gun a bit I suppose, and married at 24yrs old.

7 years and 3.5 kids later and I don’t regret it one bit.

– begintobeginagain

8. It’s not all great.

I made a marriage pact with a friend when we were ~10. If neither of us were married by 25, we would get hitched.

She became a massive drug addict, and I’m dating someone much better, so bullet dodged?

– HaElfParagon

9. People really do change.

I turn 40 next year. She’s a few years younger than me. We fooled around a ton years ago. She’s now into anti-vax crap and proudly vegan.

I have no problem with being vegan, but the conspiracy stuff and the anti-vax stuff is so baffling.

Had she not suddenly turned that way i wouldn’t doubt we would give it another try. We loved each other and were best friends.

Something just changed in her life were she just drifted into ideas and beliefs I cannot get behind or live with.

It sucks and wish it never happened because I still have feelings for her, but I could never live with a partner believing that stuff.

Had it been different I’d be asking her to marry me in December.

– Gritsandgravy1

10. Rest in peace.

When I was about 17 I used to always hang with the girl down the road from my parents house.

One night she told me she wants to marry me no matter what when she turns 40, even if she is already married.

Over the next few years we gradually hung out less as we got older.

She died in a car accident when she was about 20 years old. RIP Sara

– imakebread

11. There’s no room left.

Not a marriage pact, but we agreed we would become roommates if we were still living at home at a certain age.

I can’t remember exactly how old exactly it was. But doesn’t matter because we’re now married with children.

– _harro_

12. On second thought…

A friend and I made a similar pact when we were like 17 and the marriage age was 25 (because idiot teens feel like that’s forever away).

When 25 rolled around we were like “lmao that was stupid of us” and continued as we were.

He’s married now! I’m with a cool partner but no plans for marriage yet.

– AdviceDoggo

13. Addiction is a killer.

We’re definitely soulmates, but still want to have some fun before we get into our 30s.

She called me about a year ago this time asking if I would like to try smoking meth with her. Blocked her number and off all social media. Oh well ?

– sandiegofreezer

14. It must have been fate.

Freshman year of high school, if we were weren’t married by 30 then we’d get married. We didn’t start dating until 4 years after high school.

We forgot about the pact.

Low and behold, I proposed 8 years after we started dating and we were married at the age of 30, it must have been fate.

She is my soulmate.

– Wileybrett

15. Surprise!

He’s gay now.

– Buntingmadness

Guess you never know where a silly little promise might end up!

Have you had an experience like this? How did it turn out?

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