I have very mixed feelings about this particular thread on Ask Reddit.

On the one hand, it’s filled with a lot of stories that are truly horrifying and disgusting (as well as some lighter fair), but on the other hand, I can’t get over how perfectly the prompt question is worded:

Why did that teacher get fired from your school? from AskReddit

Why did that teacher get fired from your school? Because face it, we all had that teacher. We all knew that story. No matter where we came from.

Here are just a few jaw-dropping examples:

1. Starting off pretty bad…

He got a female student pregnant at the same time his wife was pregnant.

His wife was and still is a gym teacher at the school.

– jtrisn1

2. Getting busted.

High school gym teacher.

Apparently he showed up to a hotel room expecting to bang a 13 yr old but got busted by the cops instead.

– Hurricane_Potato

3. Yeah, that’s not what “joke” means.

Middle school PE teacher walked into the girls wardrobe and asked if he could watch one of them change their tampon as a “joke”

– solsikke97

4. Addiction is real.

She was always drunk, and drinking during class. She would leave us to cry in the bathroom.

– treesnbees222222

5. From bad to WAY worse.

Explained Elasticity by pulling the Bra strap of a girl.

Another one for having relationship with a girl from 8th grade(14 yo).

– Er_Strange_

6. You got a lotta stories, friend.

Oh boy where to start. Elementary school nurse was fired for taking the kids’ medications. HS band teacher slept with a 15 yr old.

Swim coach left a hotel that he was at with his mistress drunk and killed someone with his car. My high school had like 400 students.

– clarkcubed

7. Ok, I actually feel bad for this guy. Seems like an honest but mortifying mistake.

A co-worker teacher got fired two weeks in the new semester, when instead of uploading a video related to his subject, he instead accidentally continued a previously paused hardcore lesbian scene on the big interactive screen.

​The computer he was using was slow and shitty too so he couldn’t quickly exit the video. It went on for a good 30 seconds before someone pulled the plug on the screen around the same time he lobbed the laptop about 30 feet across the class.

– Sean_0510

8. Name calling ain’t gonna help.

He didn’t come to parent teacher interview night. The next day, he was late for class and crashed his pickup into a brick sign outside the school.

Cops showed up obviously and allegedly he blew twice the legal limit. He called the principal ‘a c*nt’ as he was taken away.

– capitanclarke

9. Living the high life.

He got arrested driving through Nevada over the summer with 5 lbs of weed in his car that he’d bought in a California.

He had no intention on telling the district and we only found out because a news reporter from the town he was arrested in contacted our superintendent for a quote on the matter.

He was let go immediately.

– sno_boarder

10. I hope those crazy kids made it.

Two teachers, they got caught f*cking in a classroom

– urfrennico

11. Just tragic. Hope she got better.

She had fallen off the wagon and was drinking a lot to the point where it was effecting affecting her memory.

We kept doing the same lecture on density in sixth grade science for a month, until one my classmates decided to ask another teacher about it. From there she went to rehab.

– ConneryFTW

12. Now that’s methed up.

He straight up didn’t show up to work one Monday, didn’t call in to arrange a sub or anything.

He ghosted the school for a whole week and then tried to come in the following Monday like nothing happened.

We also had a 5th grade teacher overdose on meth but I honestly don’t know if she got fired or resigned. It didn’t happen at school.

– PushTheButton_FranK

13. So many stings.

He was caught trying to solicit a child prostitute during a sex trafficking sting.

He was a social studies teacher at my middle school, and the arrest made local news when I was a freshman.

Really shocked the district.

– thatmeddlingkid7

14. I really need more context to this.

He was legally blind and ended up stabbing and killing his wife.



One of my high school teaches was caught on To Catch a Predator

– 123fro

Whatever you do in this life, never ever EVER be that teacher.

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