What happens after we die? It’s a question we’ve been trying to answer and worrying over since we were first capable of abstract thought. You could make the argument that quelling that anxiety is the root of most religions as well as many arms of science, and thus the force behind a lot of life in general.

What do you guys think happens when we die? from AskReddit

And granted, we’ve been trying for thousands and thousands of years to crack this nut, but I’ll bet Reddit can figure it out for us. Let’s see.

1. A rush.

Hopefully the Ketamine rush.

– ketzcm

2. The unknown.

When my grandfather’s health had declined to the point it was clear he would not recover, he was offered counseling to help him prepare for the end. Not a particularly religious man, but raised Christian, he chose to have a few sessions with a priest to talk about life, the end of it and possibly an afterlife. The priest asked him “you are going to die soon, how does that make you feel?” to which my grandpa answered “I don’t know, I’ve never done it before”.

I wish that when my time comes I’ll feel the same acceptance and will be as down to earth as that man, my example and my hero. We don’t know and all we can do is wait and see. I am ok with that.

– oppernaR

3. All dogs go to Heaven?

I’m hoping to meet up with my dog and cross the Rainbow Bridge with him.

But I’m afraid to say that probably nothingness awaits.

– LactatingWolverine

4. A deep and dreamless sleep.

I like to think of it like a deep sleep but with no dreams.

When you are asleep but are not dreaming, you are completely unaware of yourself, where you are, or even that you exist, I think death is probably the same.

– Drevil335

5. The before times.

Exact same thing as before we were born.

– Catacomb82

6. A constant energy.

I recently lost my girlfriend to suicide. It’s a struggle every f*cking minute to not join her. Hopeless doesn’t begin to describe how I feel without her on the planet with me any longer.

Her father said something that appealed to my atheist mind though, when he brought up the first law of thermodynamics/conservation of energy: that energy can be neither created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. The totality of human consciousness, in my opinion, can’t simply be electricity. That energy doesn’t seem like it can account for conceptualization, creativity, etc… If it could, then all things, ideas, thoughts, art could be measured, captured, and recreated with the correct series of electrical impulses.

Anyhow, that is giving me a tiny bit of hope that she’s out there… somewhere and if I’m lucky I’ll communicate with her again in the future.

– Witness

7. Going home.

Like going home

I’m not religious, and for most of my life didn’t think much about this question–I just went with the popular sentiment on this thread: it’s a blank nothing before you’re born, so fair enough it’s a blank nothing when you die.

Recently a friend of mine said she believes that death will feel “like going home.” That resonated with me. So, in an abstract and non-specific sense, I now like to believe that it’ll feel that.

– allofthembile

8. A do-over.

I like to think it’s an afterlife reliving my life from the beginning, but as the actor and also director.

Everything plays out the way it did, but at any point, I would be able to pause and rearrange whatever I wanted. People would say what I wish they’d said. I say what I wish I’d said.

I just want a do-over, you know?

– xbeautyxtruthx

9. Back to the egg.

it’s wishful thinking but idk like my mind being transferred into a brand new egg to be born, would not ever remember my past life.

– Atomicallybeaned

10. A mirror in a mirror.

I like to believe that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. This is evident by observing dying people’s brain activity and the hippocampus (memory bank) has a lot of activity. But because your body releases so much DMT (hallucinogen) when we die, it is slowed down to a perceivable rate.

Therefore, how do you know if you’re really living your life, or if you’re dying somewhere in the future and just reliving it in your own head?

It doesn’t matter though, because at the end of reliving your life, you start dying again and it all goes back to the beginning.

Like a mirror in a mirror

– DreweryMuffinS

11. A different reality.

I’ve saw somewhere that you, yourself never die because your conscience goes to the reality where you survived and somehow you will always live forever even if everyone else dies.

I don’t necessarily believe it but it is an interesting concept.

– FlameStarter27

12. Lots of things!


Or rather, like Terry Pratchet put it – oh, lots of things! They just don’t involve you!

– Vandal4356

13. Who knows.

I legitimately have no clue at all and don’t want to waste time guessing. What I hope happens is I can somehow interact still with all the people I’ve loved in my life. I know that’s really optimistic, but if I could decide what happens, I’d love for that to be true.

The only thing that I’m pretty sure of is that a human body and mind are limited in perceptive capacity. I think whatever does happen, it’s not going to be what I expect.

– chud_munson

14. Just a minute.

I will tell you when I discover it

– Enlec

15. The big one.

If we’re lucky, someone deletes our browser history!

– fossiliz3d

Well, I think we finally solved it. The answer is…something.

What do YOU think happens when we die?

Tell us in the comments.