In the before times, I did a lot of live comedy work, performing improv, interactive dinner theatre, etc. The kind of stuff you might come to with a group of friends to have a little fun. The most common occasion for a group to come to a show was birthdays, the second most common was bachelorette parties.

Most of them, in my experience, were lovely and fun. Some were absolutely unbearable. Way too drunk, way too loud, and seemingly unaware that they were not the only people who had paid money to be there that night. But that’s the tip of the iceberg for what can go wrong with with a bachelor or bachelorette party, the deeper tales are the kind of things that were revealed when a now-deleted Reddit user started a thread requesting disaster stories.

Here are just a few of the best/worst responses. Hold onto your butts.

1. Well, that was fast.

My old boss cheated on his bachelor party night, swore all his friends to secrecy, went through with the wedding then told her on the first night of their honeymoon out of guilt.

Married and split up within 1 week!

– UnluckyPoint

2. How embarrassing.

Nothing worse than when one of the friends to the groom had a massive drunken meltdown over the fact that we weren’t going to a strip club.

Ugly crying and everything.

– hypedstoic

3. The magic of smartphones…

A friend of mine worked as a bartender and told me that this 26 y/o girl was celebrating her bachelorette party when she saw a video of her fiancé having sex with another woman at his bachelor party.

For almost an hour he had to act as this girl’s therapist until she stumbled off into the night still depressed at the way things turned out.

– jdax2

4. He lives!

My BIL went go karting for his bachelor’s. Came off, face planted, gravel rash all down the side of his face right before the wedding.

He went to hospital and got it bandaged. The dressings didn’t until the morning of. 100% healed.

Doctor was impressed and he lived to the honeymoon.

– sweatiestbetty

5. Talk about getting smashed.

Buddy smashed his face on the first night. He passed out in the hotel wearing socks. Got up to go to the bathroom and slipped on the marble floor.

His teeth went through his mouth. Blood everywhere. We called hotel staff to help. EMTs came, and two of us took him to an emergency dentist.

He ended up leaving the next day. Worst parts: $8k in dental work, had to have his jaw wired shut, and was scheduled for his first day at a new job three days after the accident.

– Snoopfernee

6. Probably not what he had in mind.

I’ve only ever been to one but a stripper made the groom lie down, attempted to rip his underwear off wedgie style and gave him a testicular torsion.

But he didn’t tell anyone, just carried on as white as a sheet and went to hospital in the morning with a giant purple nut.

– SurrealDad

7. Sick burn.

A friend of a friend got third degree burns on his *ss.

They lit a hankie and stuffed it in his ass.

I’m glad my friends are a bit more normal.

– nmbrod

8. This goes from bad to worse.

Was at a bachelor party years ago, early 20s, for a friend and he got a private room with a stripper and f*cked her.

Don’t talk to him anymore for other reasons such as him being dead but the marriage fell apart pretty quick.

– CinderblockChewer

9. Whatever these drivers get paid, it’s not enough.

My gf went on one where they got a party bus. Everyone was drunk before getting on. They just drove around the town we live in after picking up all the guests (about a 20min drive gets you from one side to the other on a slow day). The toilet on the bus broke early on then started overflowing as people kept using it even after being told not to.

2 people had asthma attacks as they were allowed smoke on the bus but windows didn’t open enough to ventilate for 15+ people smoking like trains. 1 person passed out and woke up only to projectile vomit all over the place. Fights broke out after onboard alcohol supply ran out gf demanded to be dropped home as due to all the smoke her chest became heavily irritated and she couldnt ignore the smell of the busted toilet any longer.

She got dropped off and then 2 people off the bus came to our door with her demanding I give them extra alcohol then trying to guilt me by saying its a gift for the happy couple (I planned their entire wedding for free and paid for the dj as a gift) so I just laughed and said no.

A month later they got married (the couple got alot of praise for having such a wonderful wedding on such a budget). 4 months later filed for divorce after one’s drug habit came to light along with both realising they were cheating rings around each other.

– Edolas93

10. Watch for warning signs.

I used to strip at bachelorette parties.

Some brides to be were way too physical (hands and mouths) in ways I sometimes wondered if marriage at that point was a good idea for them.

– [user deleted]

11. Why are you getting married, again?

A girl I had dated shortly three years ago has since got engaged and plans to marry. We had no contact for these years until her bachelorette weekend.

She texts me on all socials at once to get my attention, without a doubt she was plastered. She spends the entire three day weekend of her trip bragging about the last go she was having which included being randomly ate out at a bar and even proudly talking about how vigorously someone fingered her *ss. This coupled with talking heaps of trash about her husband to be.

Next days after the trip was business as usual with her posting about the “love of her life”.

Terrifying to even be connected to the experience , really ruins the idea of marriage.

– eyanez13

12. Not a disaster, totally amazing.

My friend “rented” a sloth and had a very quiet party were they fed it sweet potatoes. It was apparently fun and cute.

The sloth came from a conservation organization and you can pay for a “sloth experience” in your home where a guy comes over with the sloth and you hang out for a while.

– Mysobrietyacc

13. Doesn’t bode well.

While smoking outside groom (brother of my fiancé at the time) started hitting on me and wanted to get a blow job off me – literally took his d*ck out etc.

Apologised promptly and put it back after seeing my reaction, saying is too drunk and excited. But then again, he has been cheating on his wife-to-be throughout their entire relationships, so not a big surprise he did it on their wedding night too. Just never thought it would be with me, I thought siblings partners are off limits for everyone no matter what!

– sofialbj

14. “I basically sat in a corner.”

At a friend of a friend’s bachelor party, the groom-to-be f*cked 2 strippers in the bathroom and some dude (a relative or a friend, it’s not clear but I’ll call him Tim) filmed it and sent it to the bride.

Tim (the guy who filmed) was the same nationality as the strippers and felt bad that they were stripping and was “being protective” of them all night and generally being a nuisance. He lost his sh*t when they offered “extra services” to whoever wanted them. So he filmed it.

That entire evening was a sh*t show for sh*tty people and I was only there because they needed more people to basically lower the cost of the bachelor party. I had literally never met the groom before.

I wish I could erase that whole night from my memory. I basically sat in a corner of the hotel room all night chatting with the limo driver.

– mrmdc

15. At least you admit it.

Totally caused by ME. Drank too much free Champagne (son of a heart surgeon was groom) and I got chucked out of the reception for saying out loud the groom’s sister was ugly.

Got ousted from the friend group. Totally deserved, I was out of order and extremely drunk.

– MrMorsley

Remember, this isn’t the middle ages. Marriage isn’t mandatory. If you’re not ready, don’t do it. Don’t end up with stories like these.

Do you have a tale to tell along these lines?

Tell us in the comments.