The website – a resource for trans people, has this to say on the difference between a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and the feeling of such:

“It can be confusing but there is a difference between the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and the feeling of gender dysphoria experienced by some trans people. […]

The feeling of gender dysphoria, what this page focusses on, could be considered through the lens of being a social condition rather than a medical issue. A condition that is exacerbated by misgendering, by barriers to affirming care, and by having assumptions made about you by others, to name a few.”

So what is that actually like? These anonymously submitted experiences illustrate the issue.

10. Embrace the void

Let people be.

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9. A matter of size

People come in all shapes, after all.

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8. The biological hurdles

That’s gotta be such a tough thing to wrestle with.

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7. Finding the balance

As someone who used to work in a costume shop, I assure you, there are solutions available for this.

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6. Let’s talk about it

Nobody should have to feel this way about intimacy.

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5. The old and the new

That has gotta be a trip.

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4. In a bind

Ok no disrespect but why is this the picture that was chosen here?

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3. Relapsing

There are just so many layers to the challenges.

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2. The shirt off my back

If I were your brother, I’d give you all of ’em and buy some more.

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1. The ultimate opinion

If you’re feeling this way all the time, please do seek help. It can get better.

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What a wild thing we’ve been given, these human bodies and brains. What ARE we gonna do with them?

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