It’s a little strange looking back on the scope of laws for any given country. Things change, and there’s a tendency to think that whatever era you grew up in had the “right” set of laws, or the “normal” ones.

But of course, it’s gonna keep on shifting. So how might it shift?

What’s legal now, but probably won’t be in 10 years? from AskReddit

Let’s get some serious (and not so serious) predictions from Reddit.

1. X marks the spot.

The x on mobile ads being too small for the naked eye to see.

– Arch-43

2. A different color.

Getting away with listing “colour” or “artificial flavour” on ingredient listings and not getting to know what exactly those additives are.

– PlantainIsland

3. Drug ads.

I always thought [drug commercials were] weird.

Do people actually go to their doctors to ask for a specific brand of prescription drugs because they saw it in a commercial?

– Xvexe

4. The fountain of ink.

I hope printer ink’s astronomical price.. It’s so expensive but then you are paying 50 bucks for something that costs 50 cents to make.

See even if you run out of one specific color the printer wont accept it and demand that you buy an entire new cartridge while throwing out the perfect old one. Manufacturers design it such that it all slows down pretty soon so that you buy their new models. Manufacturers also take a loss selling the printer so that they can more than make up for it with the ink..its called the razor blade phenomenon last I heard.

The cartridges are designed so that anytime YOU try to replace it the printer stops working altogether. It’s either you have them look at it or throw out a printer..tay for environment right?🤦‍♂️ Things get so bad that buying a new printer is cheaper than doing replacements on ink. Whatever happened to environmental causes, right?

And then electronics companies have the audacity to say they are doing stuff for environment.

– F_Nero

5. What a bomb.

Glitter. I hope.

– JFoxxification

6. Wait, what?

Saying the word Parsnip while looking at a clown menacingly

– KarmaJoltGaming

7. Pack it in.

Not very grand, but I’m hoping packing peanuts will be banned off the face of the earth

– Metal_Grrrl

8. Boom.

Most of the fireworks that are available to the public

– 6_Not_a_bot_9

9. Hitting your limits.

Members of congress serving more than 2 terms in Senate and 3 in the House.

– DiamondHans911

10. Cut it out.

Straws and plastic dishes already are banned in germany.

– agnosticwitch

11. A new era.

Maybe fossil fuels for new public vehicles.

– thisisnotmyrealemail

12. Little bits.

Microtransactions 🤞🏻

– BreachyJoe

13. We need rent.

Paying restaurant servers less than minimum wage.

– marquella

14. Not too therapeutic.

Conversion therapy.

Where I am it’s legal still, also for context my country wouldn’t be considered anti-lgbtq+ either.

The UK really sucks sometimes

– 1234321xx

15. Homeopathy placebos.

hopefully homeopathic “medicine” in pharmacies.

I don’t mind that stuff being sold in hippie shops, but keep that sh*t out of pharmacies, hospitals and clinics (except for private one’s that specifically cater to homeopathic treatment)

– Waldizo

If you found yourself bristling at that last one, maybe look into what homeopathy actually is. It refers to a specific spurious process and is not, as I once thought, just another general name for alternative medicine.

What would you add to this list?

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