I’m a huge fan of Star Trek. It didn’t happen until I was in my very late 20’s, but I finally sat down and checked out The Next Generation and I was hooked.

Partially because of the engaging stories, partially for the imaginative sci-fi, and partially, and maybe most importantly for, the absolute sense of optimism and progress the series excluded.

Trek says that in the future of humanity, we’ll have done away with just about all that ails us. And I want to believe that. Which is why questions like this are so fascinating.

What do we do now that will be looked at as primitive and backwards in 100 years? from AskReddit

So, what are the next steps? What will we be discarding on the road to progress? Let’s ask Reddit.

1. Chemo

Using chemo therapy to treat cancer.

– CheetosnSalsa

2. Organ Transplants

Hopefully organ transplants.

Currently we take organs out of dead people to keep nearly dead people alive. Or living people who share an organ with someone nearly dead.

That’s why I’m here, my awesome aunt shared her liver with me.

– greffedufois

3. Toilet Paper

Wiping our *sses with toilet paper.

I am really looking forward to finding out what those 3 seashells do.

– ELPwork

4. Modern Psychology

Our field of psychology is actually woefully subjective and theoretical. We don’t even know for sure if some illnesses even really exist, or if they are a symptom of other illnesses or the result of multiple disorders occurring at once. We often have no idea if the medications which we prescribe for said possibly non-existent or misinterpreted illnesses will work. When Said medications do work, we often don’t why or how. We don’t even know what causes common well researched illnesses and disorders.

I believe that future generations will very much view our present grasp of psychology much like how we view alchemy in relation to chemistry. They knew there were natural processes between certain things that could produce an interesting, or even useful result, and they did use these results for practical purposes. They just really didn’t have any clue why or how any of it worked, and a TON of the stuff they held as “proven fact” we now realize was totally wrong.

– Vict0r117

5. Modern Gynecology

Gynecological practices that amount to “suck it up” and treat pain as an unimportant symptom.

– Shebolleth

6. Smoking

I was really surprised when I went to Europe how many people smoked. I met one co-worker who vaped, and he told me it was just catching on over there.

So many people smoked compared to the US. This was several years ago, but I imagine it will continue to go downhill.

– jajohns9

7. Antibiotics

Antibiotics. We basically use a WMD on our bodies to eliminate the single type of bacteria we’re targeting.

– Icedcoffeeee

8. Driving

Driving the cars ourselves. At the rate that self driving technology is going it’s probably gonna be about another 50 years before every car has it.

It will be the other 50 where it becomes the norm.

– Dumbdude22

9. The War on Drugs

Arrest and punish people for using drugs. The War On Drugs will be seen as huge Human Rights violation in 100 years.

– squarehipflask

10. The AR-15

The AR-15. In 100 years the phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range will be a much more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

– ShadowDV

11. Weed Laws

Cannabis being illegal.

– TrooperJohn

12. Overworking

50+ hour work weeks

– pierso37

13. The Controversy Around Marriage Equality

Politically divisive social issues such as same-sex marriage will be something most people will likely take for granted.

People will look back on the controversy much how we look back on the suffragette movement.

– DarkReviewer2013

14. Everything

It is fair to assume that almost everything we do now will be considered barbaric in the future, and what is “normal” in the future would be considered horrifying by our standards.

– Ameisen

15. It’ll Just Get Worse?

Bold of you to assume that we won’t be primitive and backwards in 100 years.

– pourquoi-moi

Well that’s a cheery note to end on. Save us, Star Trek Universe!

What do you think will age badly?

Tell us in the comments.