I’ve always been a pretty big science fiction fan, so questions like this one really tickle my brain.

If an alien offered you a one week trip across the galaxy and back with the catch being 15 years passes on Earth, would you accept or reject the offer and why? from AskReddit

My immediate instinct is “of course, I’d have to.”

But then I think about my friends, my family.

And it all gets a little more complicated.

Let’s get some nuanced perspectives from Reddit, shall we?

1. Go anyways.

Check to see if my job will be ok with a 15 year unemployment gap.

It most likely won’t.

Then go anyways.

– smashsenpai

2. Play it safe.

Bro I will, what if earth blows up during those years I would be alive.

– cipher_unsolved

3. Take the chance.

15 years to see something no one else here has ever seen or will see in the near future?

I’ll take that.

– CanadianExtractGuy

4. Have to pass.

I’d really really love to take that trip, but fifteen years is way too much of my families life to miss.

So I have to pass.

If I was single I’d go in a heartbeat.

– javanator999

5. A new hope.

100% yes because I got less than 15 years (if you believe the doctors) and Star Trek taught me there will be someone who can cure me along the way

– rx_khaleesi

6. So much to see.

Accept it, so that I can discover what other civilisations and life form are.

Plus that would be interesting to see how Earth would have changed in that time period.

– [deleted user]

7. Different stages.

Depends what stage of life I was at.

I can’t really afford to take 15 years off right now, I’ve got stuff to do.

Post-retirement though, sign me the h*ll up.

– RebelScientist

8. The folks at home.


My mom is older and that is waaaaay too much time to miss, h*ll a year since seeing her in person is a ton thanks to real life crap in the world.

Tempting, but nah.

– ddrober2003

9. What do you have to lose?


I’m unemployed, considering divorce, and my kids are grown and on their own.

I can’t think of a single reason not to do it at this point.

– Sick_of_your_sh*t_

10. It all depends.

What are we going to do and what can I bring back?

Just fly around and look at things out the window of a spaceship? Nah, it would be cool but not worth 15 years.

Visit a bunch of cool alien civilizations and I can bring back super advanced tech as souvenirs and download their complete libraries for how reach their tech level? H*ll to the yes.

You’re offering I presume, let’s go.

– fafalone

11. Culture shock.

I have been around long enough to see massive changes in our culture, the changes that would happen in 15 years would be too much to take in such a jump.

– lrobinson458

12. So long.


Earth and its people will be fine without me.

Once in a lifetime opportunity here

– TheRealOcsiban

13. A wise investment.


You’d more or less add 15 more years to your lifetime from a linear point of view.

Just remember before you leave to sell everything you own and put it into the stock market and/or BTC. You’d return a rich man/woman.

Save all your vintage tech and list it on eBay in mint condition after you return.

– GoodVibesWow

14. Yep.

I’d be on the ship before they finish the sentence.

– D_Mon_Taurus

15. An in-depth look.

It would be really cool… but no, I wouldn’t take that. Wouldn’t even consider it.

I’d lose my partner, my cats, my job, my home… there’s a decent chance at least one of my parents would pass in the time I’m gone, as well as all kinds of various family members.

My friends would write me off as disappeared, and upon my return would have completely different lives – not to mention they’d be 15 years older than I am now so the chance of maintaining those friendships upon my return is next to zero.

The world would be very different – there would be so much to catch up on, so much cultural and social information to process and adjust to, so many changes to the way the world works… I likely wouldn’t be able to find a job in my own field let alone most other places as any experience and education I have would be largely irrelevant 15 years after-the-fact.

It’s not even likely that the trip itself would prove to be useful upon my return. Most people wouldn’t even believe the story… sure not having aged in that span would definitely set some alarms off but in all honesty at my age (late 20s) 15 years is just barely inside the realm of doubt where people wouldn’t even be sure that I wasn’t just somebody who disappeared and aged really well.

And even if enough people believed the story (including world governments, NASA, etc) – what exactly can they benefit? I can tell them all that life may or may not exist on planets in directions I can’t actually point them in, and even if I could it’s not like I get to keep the alien spaceship. It would be an extended 15 minutes of fame and eventually everyone would realize that even if I am telling the truth, it’s largely irrelevant.

In an absolute best case scenario I may be able to restart the space race and act as a well-paid advisor to what kind of life I saw and what really is out there… but I truly believe that’s pushing it.

I honestly think that this would only really be worth it if you had absolutely nothing to lose – and even then it’s still debatable. This would arguably just end up making life that much harder upon return.

– TheloniousPhunk

Personally, it would be a very difficult decision. But I don’t think there’s any way I could ultimately say no.

What do you think?

Tell us in the comments.