I believe it was our generation’s greatest poet who once said “I’m sorry mama / I never meant to hurt you / I never meant to make you cry / but tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet.”

But slightly less clever and a lot more weird than the lyrics of Eminem’s apology song are the apologies that came from a particular twitter thread. Because everything on Twitter is weirder.

The prompt went like this:

There were thousands of replies.

Here are some of the more interesting results:

15. A reference

We’re getting very confusing right out of the gate here.

14. Emo time

Whoa dude are you ok?

13. Anxiety

We all are, friend. We all are.

12. Catch the Z’s

Nobody’s gonna judge ya for it.

11. A complaint

If you don’t know, then I *definitely* don’t.

10. Revolution


9. There’s just Norway

Now you’ve got ANOTHER apology to make.

8. Funny you should say that

Me neither.

7. For good

Well alright then.

6. Words of encouragement

It’s nonsense, but it’s very uplifting nonsense.

5. Rat me out

Despite all my rage…

4. Clarifications

Are you sure about that?

3. You don’t know

Do you know who I am? I can be SEEN on the INTERNET!

2. Growing pains

I think you’ll find this is pretty universal.

1. Life’s a…

This one appeared in the replies roughly a billion times.

Sounds like we’ve got a lot to be sorry for. Thanks, phones, for helping us out with some very confusing soul-searching.

What’s your autocomplete apology?

Share it with us in the comments.