You ever see a couple in public and wonder to yourself if they’re a COUPLE couple or just a couple of people? Like, are ya’ll here together or are ya’ll here TOGETHER?

It’s an interesting enough game to play in the day to day, but if you just can’t get enough of it, there’s an Instagram account dedicated entirely to this quest. It’s called, unsurprisingly, @siblingsordating. Each post is a picture of two people, and it’s up to you to determine whether they’re gettin’ along or gettin’ it on.

Swipe to the next picture in each series to reveal the answer. I’m including my first impressions as well.

10. You be you

This photo is either from a graduation or some kind of cult. Either way…I’m saying siblings.

9. Peace out

This looks like a happy couple to me.

8. Puppy love

The dog sells this one for me. I’m thinking these two live together. Dating.

7. I am the night

Something about the faces tells me this is a brother and sister.

6. The bald truth

This is maybe the toughest one yet, but I’m gonna say dating.

5. Luck of the Irish

This has hometown vibes…but I’m gonna say dating.

4. All dressed up

The total mismatch in clothing here is throwing me off. My money’s on siblings.

3. Tongue in cheek

Man, talk about bleach blonde. Siblings?

2. Now I see

They’ve got the look of some folks who have been dating for a couple years.

1. The ties that bind

If they’re not dating, I’m very confused by the scarf choice that’s happening.

I got seven out of ten. That’s what, a C-?

How did you do?

Tell us your score in the comments!