The vast majority of us know what it’s like to worry about getting too heavy – to constantly be trying to shave off the pounds this way or that.

But what about folks with the opposite experience? The truly skinny? What bothers them?

What are some skinny people problems? from AskReddit

Let’s see what the skinny people of Reddit have to say.

1. Thanks, doc.

My personal favorite: “You can’t be diabetic, you’re skinny!”

Oh, thanks random man at the gas pumps! I’ll let my pancreas know immediately.

– BackAlley_Burlesque

2. Kneeded sleep.

Can’t sleep on my side because my boney knees touch each other and it hurts too much.

To sleep on my side as have to wear thick, thick sweatpants or put a cushion between my knees.

– nava08al

3. Need a lift?

Friends lifting you to show how easy it is to do so.

– veniato

4. That’s about it.

If I hit my hip on a table or something as I’m walking by it hurts a lot and leaves a bad bruise.

My *ss hurts after sitting for too long.

That’s about it

– Kraphtuos968

5. The right fit.

Finding pants that fit (for a guy).

– OneFingerIn

6. Solidarity.

I just wanted to say that reading all of your experiences has made me feel so much less alone and has validated my discomfort towards receiving a lot of these comments from people throughout the years.

Thank you all for sharing, sorry that so many people can’t keep their words to themselves and have to bodyshame us all

– Meringue_Upset

7. Don’t need your input.

Having to deal with people’s comments about your weight/body.

‘You look anorexic, do you even eat?’

‘I’m scared you’ll blow away in the wind’ ‘put some meat on fgs, no one’s going to want to get with a bag of bones’.

– FactoryDefault1

8. Circle up.

People making a circle with their fingers around your wrists

– randomrocketsfan

9. Rib pain.

Something I recently found out: rib pain

Woke up with a stabbing pain in my chest and phoned the doctor who said it’s quite common with skinny people.

Nothing to do other than rest, stay on painkillers and wait for it to fade.

– Hvitrev

10. The struggle.

I’m an HVAC apprentice. One of my biggest difficulties is getting pipes apart. I need 4 foot pipe wrenches because everyone has godd*m monkey paws. Even if I put all my weight into it I STILL NEED HELP! But they just like to watch… f*cking sadists.

I also can never find a tool belt that fits.

I don’t care how many wheels you put on it. I can’t push it.

Pop rivets? Forget it.

You need me to stand on something? Let me grab some tools to weigh me down.

Also, bending conduit is an adventure.

As some have stated, I’m a god in crawl spaces. They really don’t bother me all that much. I’m also a savior because I always have a breaker bar with six point sockets.

– mychickenscreams

11. Freeze ’em out.

I get cold easily. No, that’s not a joke.

– FlameYay

12. Tummy troubles.

I’ve got digestive issues to the point of disability (I don’t really wanna get into it, it’s a lot, but long story short my digestive system is structurally unsound and I have a lot of intolerances/allergies. I don’t eat normally and stay fairly tiny).

I have to ask for food made a certain way, but no one takes skinny girls seriously about diets. I’ve had way too many restaurant meals end in hospital visits and tears of pain.

I’ve had a couple people try to force feed me, people pinch my belly, and quite a number of people prying into why I don’t eat certain things and then getting p*ssy when I tell them how those things will work themselves out of my body.

I’ve been cornered for ‘interventions’ and told I have eating disorders, even by a therapist who had my entire medical history.

On bad days where I have to cancel plans, people grumble about “well if she just ate more”.

And what I find worst of all: when I inevitably lose weight again and pinch my own skin, hating the boniness, people admonish me and tell me they’d kill for a body like mine.

I’m allowed to be insecure about how multiple medical conditions affect my body, thank you.

– fl0wergurl

13. I’m a creep.

Not only am I skinny, I’m pale and tall too.

So I basically look like every creepypasta creature

– Econ42

14. Haters gonna hate.

tbh I feel like I’m hated sometimes – That’s the only issue.

Not trying to weird or anything, just sayin it like it is

– myWillIsMyExile

15. Blow me over.

Heavy winds

– [user deleted]

I don’t have any of those problems, but I can see how they’d be a pain!

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