How many “best friends” would you say you’ve had in your life?

If the answer is higher than one, that means you’ve had at least one of those relationships end, and it likely wasn’t pretty.

Unfortunately, such stories abound, like the ones in this Reddit thread prompted by user thisbloomingbud:

Dear Redditors who ended a relationship with their best friend. What was your breaking point? from AskReddit

Over eight thousand tales of woe. Here are some of the stranger ones:

1. That’s the ticket.

Ditching me for a better something for the 100th time while I waited outside a concert with his ticket.

– Hard_as_it_looks

2. The waiting game.

I waited to see how long it would take for him to text me first.

When it happens, I’ll let you know.

– xm202virus

3. Breaking and entering?

She helped my ex break into my email to prove I was cheating on him.

Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.

– rawrhtx

4. So many stealing stories.

He had a friend that stole from me. Defended the friend instead of backing me.

At that point you might as well have carried the other side when he stole it.

– H4nnibalB4rca

5. You can never go back.

We dated a few times and it just never worked out. It was hard to go back to being friends after that.

– eternalrefuge86

6. Talk about petty theft.

Stole $400 from me when he found out the girl he liked actually liked me.

We were in our mid-20s. High school never ends.

– SuperFreakyNaughty

7. Liars gonna lie.

She turned out to be a pathological liar. Lied about having an abortion, made it out to be my fault. Lied about the D-list celebrity she was dating, getting into Harvard, made a mutual friend believe I cock blocked her.

Not only did I cut her off, but had to cut off our mutual friend because she continued to try to “fix” her.

– MadP

8. Some people get held back.

Wouldn’t come to my wedding even though he introduced my wife and I. Tried to explain to him there was nothing I wanted more other than for him to be there.

His girlfriend at the time didn’t want to go because she was insecure with her appearance.

We haven’t seen each other since. My wife and I will be celebrating our 33rd anniversary soon.

– GTO-farm

9. Sucked in by a pyramid scheme.

She never made time for me. She quit her job to be a full time “Lularoe Mom Boss” and apparently doesn’t have time anymore.

Truth be told, I miss her kids more. I hate it but I held on longer than I should have. I last saw her oldest daughter a year ago… I miss them so much.

– Revekkasaurus

10. Who’s having fun now?

I had a suicide attempt and they both wanted nothing to do with me once I stopped “being fun”

– Dr_Pinball

11. Bisexual ≠ Polyamorous ≠ Hedonistic. Read a book.

Finally came out as bisexual and he decided that meant I was trying to f*uck both him and his wife

– Lovebot_AI

12. It’s always who you least expect.

House got robbed in college and somebody made off with like 3k that I was saving up on tips. Found out two years later it was him and the twisted part was he “was there for me” the entire time from like 30 mins after I had found my house and called it in. Never suspected him till I found out and it all made sense.

Sick narcissistic f*ck, he’ll eventually f*ck up his own life with out me wishing ill upon him.

– BrownieSampler

13. Say it to my face.

When I found out she was talking sh*t behind my back about me.

– sadandhungry18

14. A matter of priorities.

She decided to forgo my dad’s memorial service bc she had “other things to do”.

She went on a Tinder date.

– allieniklis

15. Unforgivable sins…

they broke my Lego death star

– h1ok

Honestly, I might be able to find my way to forgiving a lot of these, but break my Lego Death Star? After all that work? Dead to me. Absolutely dead.

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