Somebody on the internet once said “We all know a lot about a few things and very little about most things and that’s why we’re all mad at each other.” Ideally, we’d pool our collective knowledge and expertise, filling in the gaps in each others’ wisdom and sharing altruistically to form a complete puzzle, reciprocating favors and, yanno, just being nice.

But in reality people will often see their slight advantage in knowledge as an opportunity to pull a fast-one on an unsuspecting victim. How much worse when it’s that most dreaded of teenage villains, the step dad. That’s the sort of situation Reddit user thekungfupanda found themselves in thirteen years ago, and the story that followed provided them a bigger boost than they could have initially imagined. Check it out.

Chapter 1: It’s Out of My Hands

Chapter 2: One of My Only Possessions

Chapter 3: Entering Turbo Mode

Chapter 4: The Keys to Victory

Chapter 5: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Fast

Chapter 6: Happily Ever After

Epilogue: The Car Itself

Here’s the sweet ride in a rather uninspired color. Still. I’d trade it for what I drive around any day.

Seems like a lot of people would have just cut their losses with the laptop and made a mental note not to ask that jerk for help anymore. But not thekungfupanda. They turned it into a revenge story for the ages.

What’s the best revenge you’ve ever pulled?

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