Kids say some crazy stuff, and sometimes their outbursts happen for all the world to see and hear.

These 10 parents tell us all about the times their kids just wouldn’t STFU and said some of the most embarrassing things imaginable.

Get ready for some hilarious confessions… and some cringeworthy ones at that!

1. Well that’s funny!

Not just funny… but REALLY f**king funny!

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2. So how did your daughter come up with that plan?

Because I’m thinking it’s not a horrible plan.

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3. I bet that made you stop RIGHT away.

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about!”

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4. Oh boy… that’s not great!

Sometimes I think we just need to explain this stuff to them.

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5. Okay, this is adorable and so self aware!

I hope you were really mean to her after this. 😉

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6. This kid is my favorite kid ever!

Spoiler alert!!!

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7. OMFG… kid… shut up…

You’re probably not that skinny yourself ya know?

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8. Well, could she? Hmmmmm???

I mean… maybe she was just being honest?

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9. Wow… that’s daddy’s little girl!

I have mad respect for her knowing these lyrics, though.

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10. The correct answer to that is “Yes. That is a real ninja.”

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And if you don’t stop talking, she’s going to ninja you!

Wow… those parents are absolute saints.

What did you think? Do you have kids? Have they said some crazy stuff in front of strangers?

Share your story in the comments and let us ALL enjoy!

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