The other day I was having a conversation with my girlfriend. She’s been housesitting at a place by herself in a new neighborhood, watching cats and working from home. She seemed to be getting pretty stir-crazy to me.

“When was the last time you left the apartment?” I asked. “I don’t know, four or five days ago.” she said. “Well dang,” I said, “you need to get outta there. Go for a walk!”

“I’m a woman.” she replied.

It was yet another of the periodic reminders I’ve encountered that things I think little to nothing of – like going for a walk some evening, are things that women have to take calculated consideration toward, and to live in some fear of.

Even something as simple as trying to sell an old appliance you don’t need anymore can cause no end of distress and danger, as detailed in this story by Twitter user @tradgedythyme. It’s pretty eye-opening.

Part 1: A Quick Reminder

Part 2: Come Back With Help

Part 3: Assessing the Likelihood of Danger

Part 4: He Starts to Speak

Part 5: Look at You

Part 6: Guess What Happened?

Part 7: If You Want to Be Allies…

Part 8: Wrong House

Part 9: Fear, Rage, and Disgust

Part 10: Never Even Touched Me

Part 11: If I’m Being Honest

Part 12: No Newfound Bravery

Part 13: You Took From Me Any Hope

Part 14: Utterly Disgusting

It’s heartbreaking to hear this sort of thing. And I know that a lot of guys are prone to shake their heads and not really believe it, because they themselves are decent people and wouldn’t do this sort of thing. But the fact that you or I may think of ourselves as decent individuals does nothing to offset the greater problem. Listen. Believe. Act on it.

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