What do you like to do when you want Twitter isn’t always a fun place to be, but sometimes it can be amazing. And that’s what we’re here for… the amazing part!

Listen, it’s not rocket science. When you’re on Twitter… follow the people who are hilarious and (generally) don’t talk about the bad stuff… and you’ll be fine.

And hey, if you want to get into all that… make another account! See how easy that is?

The following 13 tweets will make you happy you’re alive, so here we go!

1. All hail the TRUE miracle.

How did he maintain so many friends?!?

2. She certainly loves her surprise!

This tweet aged a bit though, yeah?

3. I actually love that spelling.

It’s so unique.

4. Let’s see it from BOTH perspectives.

I mean, is it really “violent” or is it “extremely necessary”?

5. I think I’ve got this guy beat by one shirt.

It’s an easy way to live, fam!

6. Sick burn.

You aren’t even well known, bruh!

7. Now that is some expert trolling.

I like the way she thinks.

8. Too much anxiety!!!

Too much chanting!

9. A new measurement?!?

Zip a dee doo dah!

10. Now isn’t that dandy?

Who even thought of this lyric?

11. Lettuce pray.

Do you think I’m hitting on you?

12. Rhymes just weren’t sick enough.

Go back to grandma, son.

13. Oh jeezus…


Did you like that collection of tweets? Yeah you did! There’s something here for everybody.

Let us know which of these you liked the most, and then go out there and write some tweets of your own.

You can do it!