As we all know, news is terrible, but news isn’t memes. Also, memes are not news. Don’t get your news from memes, that’s a bad idea. DO get your break from news with memes, that’s the best idea since sliced bread, or maybe even bread in general.

Now that nobody’s confused, let’s take a breather from the world with these thirteen funny memes.

13. Doggy years

At least you don’t have to start saving up for college.

12. Master electrician

Behold as I press the input button once.

11. Run, Forest, run

I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go home now.

10. Auto incorrect


9. Let it flow

If you’re buying it by the box you’re not the savoring type.

8. Bork-moderism

I may not know art, but I know what I like.

7. Take a left

There’s a story behind this photo and I simply have to know it.

6. Get that dough

Oh, I’ve got big plans alright, don’t you worry about that.

5. It’s magic

When people clap for me it gives me life.

4. The final betrayal

Hangry comments are the most brutal comments.

3. The cycle continues

Why do we even HAVE the sun?

2. Me time

Just because I’m free doesn’t mean I’m free for you.

1. Here comes trouble

Thought you could get away with it this time, eh?

This just in – we’re all out of memes. Be sure to tune in next time for the latest updates!

What kinds of memes are your favorites?

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