I’ve never been much of a comic book person myself. I enjoy the MCU as much as the next guy and can certainly appreciate the artistry of the graphic novel, but it’s never really captured me.

Recently, though, I found a series of comics that I will admit I found pretty jaw dropping – for all the wrong reasons. Back in the day when print ads were the main form of mass advertisement, marketers would use the comic strip format to tell a little story about why you need their product. This also coincided with a time when “IDK JUST SHAME WOMEN REALLY HARD” was in big block letters on every whiteboard in every Mad Men-esque office space.

The result? Vintage “comics” about why you, as a women, should really be very ashamed of yourself, and how our product can help!

Here are some astonishing examples and excerpts of their best (worst) lines.

10. Dental Man

“That was before I knew she didn’t read the toothpaste ads!”

9. How could you, Joan?


8. Top to bottom

“It looks like splinters! And dirty specks!”

7. Back in the tube

“Shame on you Dick!”

6. Gain weight?

“Here comes that skinny dame.”

5. Sunk regularly

“Time of the month? Nonsense!”

4. Skin deep

“Even though you’re only 20…”

3. Seeing red

“He said my lips were too red and smeary.”

2. Salad as a rock

“You can’t make a real he-man salad with gelatine dessert powders.”

1. Raising a stink

“I can’t talk to her about that.”

Not sure what Marvel’s phase 4 or phase 5 plans might be, but it’s safe to say they’d do best not dipping into these particular comics for story ideas. Yikes.

What’s the worst ad you’ve ever seen?

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