We tend to enter the world thinking that however we find it is the natural state of things.

We have a bias toward thinking of our own status quo as sort of immovable. But the truth of course is that society is constantly shifting, and will continue to shift.

Who knows? 100 years from now, life may be just about unrecognizable.

What do we do now that will be looked at as primitive and backwards in 100 years? from AskReddit

So what does Reddit think we’re likely to leave behind? Let’s find out.

1. Birth Control

Probably most “modern” birth control methods

– notMarkKnopfler

2. Modern Dentistry

It’s horribly brutal and people are going to think “they drilled into their teeth and wrenched he’d teeth out with what are essentially miniature versions tools you have in your shed, with only local anesthesia?”

Example: I had a tooth extracted due to a failed root canal. Went fine, it sucked, but it wasn’t that bad. But my jawbone was sticking out of my gums, 2 weeks later, just a tiny, tiny, bit. It hurt like hell. I knew it was healed, saw the little white specks, saw my dentist.

He said it could be 3 things, but 2 were minor and he could fix in a second, the 3rd was major and I’d have to go back to the oral surgeon. X rays showed major.

The oral surgeon came in, saw my x rays, looked at it, took what look like wire cutters, out of a sterile package, jammed it around the bone and into my gums and clipped the bone off. Repeat several times. No anesthetic.

It f*cking hurt. I already hate dental work, this sucked. He finishes and walks me out and to get me some juice and goes, “wow, you have an amazingly high pain tolerance, most people ask for anesthetic and sedation.”

I was thinking “I want to punch you. Why the f*ck do you not make it standard?” And it felt like someone beat the sh*t out of me.

Yea, so my dentist was horrified and won’t be referring me to him again. I love my dentist and his staff, godd*mn do I hate his job.

– _cactus_f*cker_

3. Our Education System

[The education system] we have works really really well for the top 25% – the percentage that are actually going to get a four year degree. It’s okay for the next 25%. Sucks *ss for the bottom 50%. Those folks need something else.

But Pearson has regulatory captured the NEA so it’s never changing. Like, never ever.

– left-wing-kook

4. Coal / Oil

The use of coal and oil for mass energy use

– vvooxx

5. The Criminal Cycle

Locking up criminals with other criminals with next to no efforts to rehabilitate them.

Then when they are released making opportunities for having a good job or living a normal life so unobtainable that they most likely end up committing more crimes.

At least in the USA.

– Demon_meat_curtains

6. Our Treatment of the Homeless

I work at a homeless shelter and I used to think that all homeless people needed to do was get a job. It’s much more complicated than that.

I’d say about 80% in shelter are struggling with substance abuse. Of those about 60% have mental illness and have self-medicated (“heroin makes the voices in my head go away”).

If we treated substance abuse as a social issue instead of a criminal issue people abusing drugs could get the help they need without fearing criminal repercussions.

Even with available housing this is only a small part of the overall problem.

– RyanNerd

7. Loot Boxes

Charging children excessive amounts of money for a chance of getting a virtual item.

– TannedCroissant

8. Printers

Home/office printers

Bulky, resource-wasting, loud, constantly breaking and running into compatibility issues

Kill them all

– TheMayoVendetta

9. Botox

People of the future will probably look at Botox the same way we view Chinese emperors drinking mercury to try to live forever.

– vagabond_

10. Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass. Once all its harmful effects are figured out in the future, and smarter weight control protocols are invented, it will share the fate of other banned brutal procedures like the lobotomy.

– Ramdali

I could do without a bunch of those already, so, good picks.

What would you add to this list?

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