Are you thinking of settling into a long-term relationship but are worried that you might not have enough things to fight about?

Well, worry no more! You can be angry and/or fight about literally anything if you’re with someone for long enough! That’s the magic of human connection!

Not sold on it yet? Just check out a few of the bickering items available to you via these wonderful Twitter testimonials:

10. Interrupted sitcom fantasies

How am *I* doin? A lot worse now, thanks a lot JEN.

9. Unsupervised clothing preparation

He just wants you to see how much better he is at it now than he used to be. He’s come a long way.

8. Simultaneous jump scares

At last, my long and very stupid plan has come to fruition.

7. Attire retirement and comparative virtual culinary efficiency

Um. What?

6. Presumptions of retail scheduling

Ok but like, you do know though.

5. Head comfort and dental applicant cleanliness

This is some whataboutism at its finest.

4. Lack of comedic appreciation

As a guy who works in comedy, I get it, but also, don’t be this person.

3. Container percentage requirements

Some see it s half empty, others are correct.

2. Plumbing placement

We’d ALL use it.

1. Televised spoiling

My guy, that show ended more than 20 years ago.

If you’re not sold yet on the idea of really mixing it up with someone over nothing, just hop on Twitter yourself and start scrolling, there’s plenty more where that came from!

What’s the dumbest thing you and your S/O have fought over?

Tell us in the comments.